Friday, 18 October 2013

Arabian Chronicles

Our History

Genealogy of Arabian Tribes 
Relationship between Arabs and Others
Foreign Invasions in Arabia
Views of Muslims and Orientalists

Arab Nation

Ancient Arabian Tribe: 'Aad
Ancient Arabian Tribe: Thamud
Arabized Arabs
Arab Nations before the Rise of Muhammad s.a.w Part I
Arab Nations before the Rise of Muhammad s.a.w Part II 
Abrahah and Elephant Army

Ancient Arabian Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Lakham
The Kingdom of Kindah
Tubba' Dynasty and Himyarite
The Kingdom of Ghassan

Southern Arabia

The Mo'inide Kingdom
The Sabā' Kingdom
The Himyarite Kingdom

Northern Arabia

North Arabia: The Emirates of Hirāt
The Emirates of Ghassān
Hejaz and Nejd
Quraish Arabs


Ancient Arab Civilization

Southern Arabia

Kingdom and Nation
Prosperity of the States
Business and Trade
Himyarite Language

Northern Arabia

Quraish Arabic
Religion: anif
Religion: Waani
Waani Religion: Idolatry and Superstitious Beliefs
Waani Religion: Chief Goddesses
Waani Religion: Major Pagan God
Waṯani Religion: Lesser Deities 
Waṯani Religion: Fertile Crescent

By the way this is not confined to the time of Muhammad s.a.w since Arabs are way ancient than the period of revelation descending upon noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w. I am an Arab myself though previously I was confused and I cannot accept this fact. To study these means studying our own heritage and ancient cultural background :)

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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