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Arabian Chronicles : Introduction

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

This is actually what we had learned in our school in subjects called as seerah or our history either before or after the rise of our noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w in the Arabian Peninsula. Some notes actually came from Muslim scholars of South East Asia such as Dr. Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah and most of them are not liars like Orientalists during imperialism period of 19th century. 

We had been looking very closely at those Orientalists. Don't think that the world do not looking at how Western world is making herself a pathetic laughing stock with her boastful 'scholars' who were not guided by the holy spirit but by their blind desire just to bash others and showing their dominion over others. We should also take the account of those 'scholars' life and look at how their life goes on until they see their death. Whether they live a 'happy' or 'blessed' life and also their physical and mental health level, hehehe.

This is how we learn our history in Asia and in underdeveloped countries where people still live on trees, hehehe... Basics must be the same although there are differences here and there right?

Origin of Nations

In modern world today, we have branches of science which is called in universities as anthropology. It means, a branch of science to investigate the origin of a certain nation and its relation with others. Many scholars had made their researches and they founded that Arabic is related to other languages of the Middle East and Mediterranean area such as Phonecian, Hebrew, Akkadian, and Assyrian. All of these people who speak these languages were actually descendents of the same ancestor. Other criteria which proves that they are people who are related to each other is from their appearances, black hair, bushy beard, skin color, and through biological proves such as DNA or haplogroup, and anthropology through their body shape. All of these researches shown that Arabs are among Semite groups.

Gustav Le Bonn said that for few centuries long, Arabs had already exist in this earth. Those who studied and doing archeological researches had founded that the shape and appearance of human body who lived during the period where it was almost the time of iron age is almost the same to each other.

Those who learned about linguistics assumed that, wide plateau which is located between two rivers which are the Tigris and Euphrates, Caucasus area, and Northern part of Arabian Peninsula had already been inhabited by the same nation and they were using the same language which were the language of the Semites. From this assumption, Arabs were considered as apart of Semite nation and related to the Assyrians or Arameans and Hebrews.

Those researchers had also been in conflict in their opinion regarding the place where the Semites came from. In the Old Testament, it was mentioned that the first human lived between the two great rivers which are the Tigris and Euphrates before they were traveling around and resettle again around the world. Human in ancient time was just the same like human today. They have feet to walk around and not just dwelling in a particular place. From the Semite nation, there came the Assyrians and Akkadians of Babylon. Then the Arameans in Syria, Phonecians along the beaches of Syrian sea, Hebrews in the land of Canaan, 'some' Arabian tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, and Ethiopians in Africa.  

There are three views of famous researchers and these people are of course from the West :

I. Rebter and Salet have this view that Semites were originated from Ethiopia in Africa. 

II. Sprenger, Serider, Robertson, and Wenkler believe that Semites were originated from Arabian Peninsula. Later, they were spread all-over the world.

III. Egnazie Guidi said that Semites came from northern of Euphrates river.

Although these people have different opinions regarding the origin of Semite nation but all of them are in common that from the Semites came all of races and nations in the world. As to say, my forefathers are not monkeys. They are all human-being and the first father is Adam a.s who was a sage. But that monkey evolution theory perhaps plausible to Darwin who propose the theory and those who are faithful with it since there were also mentions about sub-human in Old Testament. Old Testament did mentioned about Nephilim, a kind of monster who look like human but were not human. They plundered and polluted human-being genetics too.

Language of human was just one but because of world climate changed and there were development in human life, language became different according to regions. Written languages too became different. Grammar and language structure of human turns to be different to each other. 

to be continued...

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