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Arabian Chronicle: The Kingdom of Kindah

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Kingdom of Kindah

According to at-Thabari, the servants and companions of Himyarite kings were the children of Himyarite noblemen themselves. One of them is Hassan bin Tubba' who was also the chief of the Kindah tribe. When Hassan began his conquest in the Arabian Land, he entered the area through Hejaz. Before he went out, he appointed his relative whose name is Hajar bin Amr to be his representative in ruling the tribes from the descent of Ma'ad bin 'Adnan who lived in Hejaz. Hajar executed the order with integrity and after he passed away, he was succeeded by his son, Amr al-Maqsur. 

Abul Fidaa' narrated that the first king of Kindah kingdom was known as Hajar bin 'Amr. He is a descent of Kindah bin Sheba. Before he became a king, the tribe has no king. They lived on the basis of survival is for the fittest. The weak would be dissolved just like European continent before the introduction of European Union (EU) post-world wars. When Hajar ascending the throne, he exercised the politics according to its manner and administrating the people in a more systematic way. He subdued few provinces in the dominance of the Lakhmid Arabs which were in the land possessed by Bakr bin Waael.

After Hajar's death, he was succeeded by Amr al-Maqsur. Al-Maqsur means shorty. It means that Amr does not like to prolong old things into the new one because he believes that his father's possession is enough for him. After al-Maqsur's death, he was succeeded by al-Harith bin Amr. He was counted among strongest king at that time and he lives the same time with the Persian emperor known as Qubaz bin Tiruz. Both of al-Harith and Qubaz were the follower of Mazdak teaching. The Persian emperor helped al-Harith to chase out al-Munzir bin Maa al-Samaa who was the Lakhmid king at that time. So, the city of Hirah came into the dominance of Kindah kingdom. Al-Harith's influence became bigger.

During the era of Anushirvan, al-Munzir gets his throne back. Anushirvan chased out al-Harith which had previously chased al-Munzir. Al-Harith ran with his followers such as the bani Taghalib and other tribes. Al-Munzir collected a large amount of war spills while 40 persons from bani Hajar who didn't get to run were executed to death in the village of Maryan with the order of al-Munzir.

Al-Harith was succeeded by his son, Hajar bin al-Harith. He ruled the tribe of Asad bin Khuzaimah bin Mudrikah. His son also became a king for other Arabian tribes. When Hajar was dead, he was succeeded by the other son of al-Harith known as Sharahil bin al-Harith. He ruled the tribe of Bakr bin Waael. Then came to the turn of Ma'dikaraba bin al-Harith. Ma'dikaraba was later succeeded by his son, Salamah who ruled the bani Taghalib and bani an-Namir. 

Many of Kindah Arab descents are also scattered in South East Asia such as in Malaysia, Southern of Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia through Yemen. They are also in Yemen, Oman, UAE, KSA, Syria and Jordan. Around 5th century, they were also converted into Judaism following the conversion of Himyarite kings before the expansion of Aksum empire from Africa.

Other Arab Kings and Leaders

Other kings and leaders who has no particular government or kingdom but functioned like kings were such of 'Amr bin Luhai. He was the one who introduced the idolatry in the Holy City, Mecca and forced the inhabitants to bow down to idols when he entered the city. The Holy City, Mecca was opened by mother Hajar and her son, the noble prophet Ismael a.s. 

'Amr bin Luhai was rooted from Khuza'ah and Zuhayr bin Habbaab. His full name is 'Amr bin Luhai bin Qam'ah bin Khindif. He was also known as al-Kahin which means Cohen and he involved in many battles too. It is because he could do fortune-telling. He also ruled the bani Bakr and bani Taghalib the descents of Waael.  

On the other hand, there is also a person known as Kubi'ah. He dominates the bani Ma'ad and other tribes in Yemen. However his influence is not so large. Another one who functions like a king is al-Mughallal bin Rabi'ah bin al-Harith. He assembled the Taghalib sub-tribes to wage war with the children of Bakr. 

Next topic we would learn about the Amalek tribes in Iraq and Egyptian territories, inshaallah

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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