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Arabian Chronicles : 'Aad Ancient Arabs

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Rubb el-Khaly

We had already briefly talked about ancient Arabs or in Arabic it is known as Ba'ida Arabs. Ibnu Khaldun narrated that ancient Arabs like the 'Aad were originated from a person whose name is 'Aad bin 'Aws bin Iram bin Saam. They earlier lived in a place called Ahqaaf al-Ramal. This place is located in between Yemen and Oman, the way to go Hadramawt and Shihr.  

Al-Mas'oodi mentioned : "Shaddad later assumed the leadership after 'Aad. His descendents spread wide to Iraq, Syria and India."

Ibnu Sa'ad narrated in his narration that Shaddad clan had also overthrown the Coptics in Egypt. They had entered into Alexandria and established the city of Un. However, they were chased out by the Coptics who plead assistance from Sudanese and the Berbers. The Shaddads were still powerful in Yemen until they were subdued by this person whose name is Ya'arob bin Qahthan. Those Shaddads ran away to hills in Hadramawt and later, all of them become extinct.

Other branch of the 'Aad Arab tribe was the 'Obayl. They are the relatives of 'Aad bin 'Aws. Their descendents were all cousins. They lived in a place called Juhfah bordering the area of Mecca and Medina today. Another branch from 'Abd Juhkam bin Iram who lived in Taif also extincts.

There is also a mention about the pillars build by the Irams. It is mentioned in Surah al-Fajr verse 6-8. The God says in His revelation through the tongue of Muhammad s.a.w: "Don't you see (o Muhammad and people) what your Lord had done to the 'Aad? 6 The Irams who possessed pillars (and tall buildings) 7 Which no other cities being build as such in countries 8." This surah had also mentioned the Thamud. 

Other thing which had stricken me after reading this surah during my isolation period, when the God also talked about the peaceful self who will go to Him with His pleasure and being among His servants be in the paradise at the end of the surah. I also believed almost the same thing when I followed Buddhism where I tried to find a calm self through hidden offerings, meditations and musings but I just don't want to talk or speculate about the God because I didn't think there was One but only ourselves could bring good fate.   

Iram was also mentioned in a free circulated book written by Gary Miller called the Basis of Muslim Belief. Gary Miller was actually a Republican, haha. I also read this book when I was bored. He mentioned in the book...

"The Quran mentions about a city by the name of Iram. The city of Iram has been unknown to history, so unknown even to Muslim commentators, out of embarrassment or feeling apologetic for their religion, have commented on this mention of the city in the Qur'an as being perhaps figurative and not actually a city. In 1973, the excavation in Syria at the site of ancient city of Eblus uncovered the largest collection of cuneiform writings on clay tablets ever assembled. In fact, the library discovered in Eblus contains more clay tablets that are more than 4000 years old than all other tablets combined from all other sites. 

Interesting enough that we will find the details in the National Geographic of 1978 which confirms that in those tablets the city of Iram is mentioned. The people of Eblus used to do business with the people of Iram. So, in 1973, comes confirmation of the fact, after all, there really was an ancient city by that name, wherever it was. How did it finds its way into the Quran, we might want to ask? Those Muslims who may have offered their comments, trying to explain away this reference that they were uncomfortable with, were outsmarted by the author of the Quran. They were those who would attempt to outsmart the 'author' of the Quran. Primarily, their activity would involve trying to produce the evidence that the 'author' of the Quran had a primitive understanding of the world around us."  

The 'author' of the Quran is the God. It is not Muhammad s.a.w or companions who wrote the Quran. Most of all, Revelations are not something written but it came through metaphysical ways. We can't touch light but we can see in light. I wonder why Church Fathers had to be in pain trying to use all sorts of philosophical explanations to make people understand and now many of people which also includes Christians (especially Protestants) could not understand this.

The 'Aad were sent by the God a prophet and messenger whose name is known as prophet Hud a.s but they refused to listen to him because their inner eyes had been closed. These people are not Jews nor Hebrews but are related because of their forefather is the same which is Shem bin Noah. The 'Aad was destroyed by the God and it is mentioned in surah al-Haaqqah verses 4-8. Says the God : "The Thamud and 'Aad had mocked the Doomsday 4 The Thamud were destroyed with a hard sound of voice 5 The 'Aad were destroyed with cold whirlwind 6 The whirlwind had descended upon them for seven nights and eight day without stop thus you see the people dead everywhere like empty date tree trunks 7 Do you see any of them left? 8."

In 1900, there were White researchers who entered the area and conducting research. Before this, many people think that the mention about these people and their city as an ancient myth. The result is that, they founded ruins of a city in Rubb el-Khaly or Empty Quarter. It is now covering an area of countries such as Southern Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman. Excavations from 'Obar shows that there were tall pillars in the lost city. Just like what had been mention by the glorious Quran and I wish everyone passing by entertained with the humble post. Have a nice day : )

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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