Friday, 21 October 2011

Indian Natural Remedies : Turmeric

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

 Fresh turmeric

I would dedicate some of posts for Indian natural remedies. I actually love Indian herbs and it is because they are low in cost and can easily be found in our country since our climate is almost the same to Southern India. Most of all I don't have to waste money for chemical stuffs which is not really good. I just wanted to record some benefits of turmeric. It is a kind of herb which the God has created for the benefit of human-being and His creatures. 

I always avoid many kind of meats except for chicken and that is only if I do not involved in the slaughtering process. It happens since I was a young kid. I would rather fast than eating meat including fish. When I saw mum slaughtered dead fishes, I felt nauseated looking at blood. When I saw my late grandpa slaughtered a chicken, I did not take the chicken meat and just giving it to others after it was grilled. I guess there also lies a wisdom by the God that I did not take any medical course. I had also been offered a course by public service commission just after undergoing the National Service program to be a pharmacist but I refused to go there and just remain in isolation. Many people had also criticized me for that, lol. So, when I was a kid I took veggies more and that sure affected my growth. I look like a retarded guy while I am already 25 years old and my hair turned to be red because of the lack of nutrients, hahaha.  


In South East Asia, we sometimes take herbs as our side dishes beside of rice. Rice is of course our staple food here as we would at least have it twice a day. Last time I would enjoy having rice with herbs and vegetables even without any meat. We can't afford to buy mutton, beef, chicken, and etc for daily food. When I was 13 years old, I began to avoid beef too. I was introduced to turmeric by parents. We are not Indian and turmeric sounds like Indian for me. After I had fresh turmeric with rice, my tongue would turn to be yellow. I don't know how to tell turmeric taste but I love the taste, haha.

Turmeric actually is good to heal sinusitis. Last few weeks I did not know what to do when my face had grown pimples and it was so painful. One reason for pimples perhaps is pressure and polluted environment. My room is also dusty and sometimes I had no time to clean it up like I was in my previous hostel during first degree time. I used to polish up the floor of my room in previous hostel for my roommate, brother Zaidi to perform prayer services in the room. I insisted him to be my imam for most of prayer services in the room and it still remain shining when I visited a friend who coincidentally live in the same room last month. I had took bath early in the morning like half an hour before Fajr prayer service with water mixed with turmeric powder. It heals also itches and rashes at skin. Glory be to the God, He is indeed Wise in His creations because the effects took place very quickly!!! 

Although it is an Indian prescribed herb, but it is still created by the God. I heard that Hindu fellows had also used turmeric for purification and concentration in tasks purpose. I was not really sure about that but I had done this since long before I heard about their medical system called Ayurveda. Perhaps there are some similarity in customs that we received from around. In countries like Myanmar or Thailand, people sometimes mixed up turmeric with rice powder beads and put the paste at their face as the effect of the color from turmeric would not too obvious. Indian ladies usually put merely turmeric at their face to heal pimples and those Hindu or Sikh girls who are about to get marry will also purify themselves with turmeric water before wedding ceremony took place.     

When some of my friend had flu or cold, I would suggest them to find dried turmeric, pound it and mix it with water. Then put it on their nose and drink some pure honey mixed with warm water. I also read the information provided at the packet of turmeric I bought and it says that turmeric powder is an antiseptic agent, not only used for food flavoring and color. It removes odor in food and giving fresh fragrance for food. Malays would also use turmeric powder to marinate meat, chicken and fish before frying them. In Indian cuisine, perhaps they mixed turmeric in their curries or boiling lentils. It only costs me 0.60 cents or 0.80 cents rather than buying chemical stuffs. 

I would suggests sisters who wanted to clean up their face to try turmeric powder and mix it with water. It is very useful and your painful pimples would be dried in few days. When we clean the floor of house, ants, insects and termites would stay away from it. It is also good to plant turmeric in our garden. We can also eat it and it is easy to be grown. I don't know about in Europe but in South East Asia, the climate is just fine. If we are lazy to plant flowers, just plant turmeric trees all over our house to make our compounds looks green and environmental friendly, hahaha.

Turmeric is good to prevent hypertension. Some people would take the juice from turmeric in the size of a thumb and mix it with a tablespoon of honey and a tea spoon of black pepper powder. They drink it twice in the morning and evening. I never try this. I just take a pinch of salt after I clean up myself when waking up from sleep and drink it with plain water. After Fajr prayer service, I usually take a tablespoon of honey mixed with a glass of warm water. Recite the Name of the God and asking Mercy and Blessings, drink.  

I also had read some information saying that turmeric was introduced to Europe in 13th by Arabian traders. It was called as Indian saffron. In Sanskrit it is called as Haridra while its Latin name is Curcuma Longa. Maybe I could use this to find other products made of this herb with the name. I wish it is beneficial for health care of brethren. 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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