Friday, 21 October 2011

Deepawali Festival

Peace be upon everyone and blessings be to everyone

Just after 'Asr prayer service. Before I go out for some evening sight seeing, this one is about Deepawali celebration. I don't know when is the festival since I didn't watch TV for long and I didn't bother to check local newspaper. 

Basically our Indian communities are from Southern India and most of them are of Tamil descents. They celebrate few celebrations I guess related to their religion and customs too such as Deepawali or Deewali in Northern India. It is a celebration of light. We learned about this too in Local Research subject for primary school children. I don't know how to translate it into English. I don't know whether the subject is still in existence, haha.


This video is actually a Petronas advertisement aired in Malaysian TV many many years ago. It was directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad. She had also produced several movies and I had learned that she is quite famous in Australia. Well, her movies are not of my type but I still watch some of her advertisements. First time I watched this advert I burst out of laugh. Looking at how Asians trying to imitate American Blacks. I think those guys in the video are cool too.

The scene which is interesting could be seen at the part where the diggie-dee guy saw a paati (grandma) with white sharee at the night market. She called him and his real name is not diggie-dee something but Muniandy Chinnatorai. The kukutalee (friend) had also used a nickname which is Sam. 

This is some transcription from conversation, quite nice to learn about other compatriots, haha... Paati asked kukutalee...

Paati : Pyere na aiya? 
What's your name?
Sam : Sam... Sam... 
Paati : Ennama shaam shaam enggerengge, nalla pyere yelle?
What is that Sam Saam? You've no proper name?
Sam :  Muthusammy...
Paati : Huhhhhh???!
Sam : Muthusammy Karuppia paati pyere.
Muthusamy Karuppiah, grandma that's my name.
Paati : Muthusammy Karuppiye naala shyaami pyere..
Muthusamy Karupia what a divine name.

After that, the grandma gave them murungakai (marukku) which is Tamil's spicy traditional biscuit. Those girls are just laughing to those wannabe guys. In the end, the advert says, "the world is changing but we will always be proud of what we are." So, why must we follow other people's value when we have our own ones here? Whether we are forced to follow others' values or we choose to. 

Just because we see others' values for example hedonism, materialism, americanism, secularism, narcissism and etc look like popular or mainstream ones, does not mean that ours are totally out of date or we should also think like others : ) I also have friend who listens to Metal music and I learned about it from him. I also listened to some musics and watching movies but they do not really make me attached to them. I love my Quran more and I feel at peace with it compared to listening to other things. Being an Orthodox Muslim does not mean that we are smashing everything, I believe in gradual changes because nothing could change only in a day : )

Wish Hindu friends and teachers happy celebrating Deepawali Naal Valtugal... Take care of your health, safety, and drive safe if you want to visit relatives or friends.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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