Saturday, 8 February 2014

Score of BnMT

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I scored as a vata (wind) body and kapha (water and earth) mind.... I am vata-kapha person...


Vata: 25
Pitta: 16
Kapha: 20


Vata: 23
Pitta: 23
Kapha: 25

I am not sure whether these would change. Maybe the minority elements would change as according to situation. I have equal substance of fire and wind in mind but the dominant one is the water and earth. 


The second part of the question that I answered in Deepak Chopra Quiz is actually a snapshot of my current mind and body state. The mind body principle that scores the highest number of points in each section, is the one requiring most attention at this time.

Inner Pharmacy

The first step to regain balance is to recognize that the environment around me has a profound influence on how I feel. I tried to tell people around me these since long but most of all they do not understand what am I talking about. I do not know their non-technical terms because they were in Pali-Sanskrit. Siddha and Buddhism always talk about these and I learned the sciences of meditation from Buddhist teachers. Paying conscious attention to what I hear, touch, see, taste, and smell can help create peace, balance, and vitality in mind and body. A harmonized daily routine that engages with the five senses (pancha-indra) with nourishing impressions is one of the most important steps towards achieving Perfect Health.

Accumulated Wind

When wind is out of balance, change and movement agitate the physiology resulting in a sense of instability. Balancing wind requires introducing more grounding and stabilizing influences. Think routine and consistency. Few tips to encourage balance and well-being:         

  • Perform gentle yoga and connect with our own body.
  • Perform daily abhyanga (anointing) with relaxing herbal oil.
  • Take deep breaths throughout the day.
  • Eat three meals per day and favor sweet, sour and salty tastes.
  • Drink relaxing tea.
  • Enjoy hot bath with relaxing oils.
  • Stay warm. 
Accumulated Water and Earth

Out of balance related to water and earth leads to heaviness, sluggishness and congestion. Stimulation and movement help overcome the resistance of accumulated water and earth. Think activation and invigoration. Tops to maximize balance and well-being:

  • Meditate at least twice a day to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body.
  • Wear invigorating fragrances.
  • Listen to up-beat sounds to invoke natural energy.
  • Organize the clutter in your environment as outer world reflects inner world.
  • Awaken at sunrise and create an invigorating morning routine.
  • Diffuse invigorating fragrances into your environment.
  • Favor bright, strong, bold colors with vivid shapes and designs.
  • Look for opportunities to be more spontaneous.
  • Embrace uncertainty.
Daily abhyanga would be the anointment of the olive oil. I perform it as according to our prophetic tradition because I am a Muslim. My grandmother used to anoint my head with sesame oil back then. We call sesame oil as lenga and it is packed in the bottle available in Indian department stores because they perform the anointing too as according to their religion and customs.

Invigorating smell could be the sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense. They were also mentioned in the Old Testament. I burn these in my room and my colleagues or roommates thought that I worship the satan which is nonsense! So, how else I could be more spontaneous in front of the public?? The key for a healthy life either psychologically (spiritually) or physically is to know what is our body consists of and how it functions. I tried to tell my parents and my siblings. They did not listen to me. These are actually ancient sciences which had also been acknowledged by the inhabitants in Mesopotamia and Sumeria lands in nowadays Iraq also in the Near East. They are not so much sophisticated in their soundings like today's sciences which are the products of early European Enlightenment. I think I need to tag these for my own reference.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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