Saturday, 8 February 2014

Uncle Aron's Eldest Daughter

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Urm, I am not so much close to them. I used to live in Jitra in Kedah state once my father was offered a job as a press secretary of the Kedah Chief Minister, Mr. Osman 'Aroff. My mother loves to visit her niece who also lives in the town at that time. She was married at that time with this guy from Perak. Her father is my mother's elder brother. My mother only has one brother and his name is Aron (Arabic; Harūn). Uncle Aron lives in Tabligh center in Beseri, Perlis together with his wife and his son, Joseph (Arabic; Yusūf). This cousin sister's mother has the origin from Thailand. That suggests the fact that they look, Chinese.

My maternal cousin is the one with the purdah (veil). The guy is her husband and from the right are their children. I do not know their name. I do not introduce myself to younger people except if I feel that if they are "special" kind of people. I introduced myself to brother Idris Xian and brother Yunus Huang because I feel that they are special kind of people, haha.

These cousins are all Tabligh-i-Jama'at members which begins with my maternal uncle, Aron. Uncle Aron tried to "convert" me several times into the movement but my father refused to give me to him. As to say, I have history with Tabligh members so I am not so much having no knowledge about the movement. I just do not tell people when people do not ask but sometimes people treat us like we know nothing. I do not have to join any movements. My paternal family already is in the lineage of mission circles. They became "out-castes" because they failed to maintain unity with the larger clan. And they are Arabs with Indian mothers, the same as those in pre-independent India and Pakistan. The difference with the Penang Indian Muslims is that we are of North Indian maternal stocks and they are the Southerners. North India is identical to Āryā Vartta, the abode of the ancient Indo-Persians

Lately, I heard the fuss that they had conducted a trip from the UK to Malaysia here. To tell the truth, I do not really care on whatever that they do. They had been living in the UK since 15 years or maybe longer than that. Before, her husband studied in Japan. They look so... Mongoloid like the Jacky Chan's face Hazara refugees who speak Persian in Quetta except that they are Sunni Muslims, hahaha... I am closer to my paternal side more than to my maternal side. I mean in term of customs and heritage. In amity term, I am so much individual.  

They came twice to visit my mother and of course my bed-ridden father. Relates their past in this country. I do not really pay the attention because I have my own problem to deal with so yeah I do not care whether they traveled in Southern Russia, Central Asian countries, China or Indochina, haha... Anyway, good luck for them. That is all that I could say. 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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