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Western Influence: Western Ambition which Long Lying Dormant

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I had checked about this small book. There isn't much can be founded online. Maybe the title in English is different. It's ok I can still briefly do some translation for benefit of Muslim nations in the East and in Eastern Europe who speak English only for the God pleasure. Please don't look down on English as a medium. It's now an effective medium compared to French. God saves the Queen, hahaha! 

This is the first part of the book. It also mentions something about Protocols of Zion and I will comment about it after I put up the points written by the writer of the book regarding the matter as I don't like forgery. We talk with academic capacity and we are not American conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theory has no basis in Social Science and academic tradition. 

After a year learning Social and International studies with all of the difficulties facing these chaotic Western thoughts, I found that every Muslim must have these lessons in their selves even if they do not talk much. We must be aware about what we talk. As a confused Muslim boy who had been involved in Buddhism teaching, I always have this in my mind where it comes from wisdom speeches of lord Buddha as one of teachers that I had ever have. If I talk without awareness, then my speech should be dumped into the thrash can.

Even if it is coming from Talmud which is influential in Judaism law... I would avoid from being dishonest because it is not the morality of noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w. He is an honest person who speaks the Word of the God. The God is not like human-being or our schoolmates who are crazy : ) Man without pure mind could not be a person who speaks His Word... It also shows we don't simply absorb everything that we read but we have our own filters... We don't stop at one side but we also read in many angles, we don't simply agree with everything that we read : )

1. Western Ambition which had Long Lying Dormant

Say the writer, there is an alarming efforts trying to reject that there are movements which lead global toward Westernization, cultural colonization, activities to assimilate Islamic thoughts into foreign thoughts, and holding up high the coming thoughts created by the West.

These efforts trying to expound arguments in two manners:

1. The opinion which questioning on where are those institutions known as the "Westernization Institution"? In fact, there is no such institution and it has no proper building with signboard displaying such words "the School or Foundation for Westernization." Thus, this question raised is a shallow question from those with shallow mind. For these groups of Westernized people assumption, they are good and useful agents of the West who served the movement without any payment and they are sincere toward the West.  

2. The discretion of Western stooges in hiding their loyalty to their movement makes it easier for them to deceive human-being as a whole.

It is so disappointing that, those who instil doubt on the Westernization movement are of the first group. Their heart and observation was closed. Westernization movement nowadays is not a secret anymore. It is not something which is undeniable. It is perhaps something that can be denied in the past 30th century where our Arab nation were in the dark age. Nowadays, many things are doubtful for example, the Protocol of Zion which had been widely spread all over the world around 1902. It was prohibited from entering the Middle East except in 1952 after the establishment of Israel as a modern country in the middle of Arab countries. 

The secret had been opened up by its own supporter. The book "Towards Islam" written by Hamilton Gibb together with other Orientalists is among important documents in relation to this matter. Gibb had obviously mentioned the purpose of researches being conducted is to decipher on how far Westernization impacted Muslim nations. It is portrayed in his statement as below:

"How far is the Westernization affecting and what are factors which preventing it from achieving its objective. It is important so that immediate actions could be taken for the objective to be achieved."

Readers of the book could obviously get to know the effects of Westernization movement. It is like an arrow which rushed into the eyes of those deflected where it will cover their heart with ignorance. Researchers who emerged after the period had also explained this fact more precisely and they also have their own documents and notes for references. These facts could also be founded in books written by Dr. Umar Farukh and Dr. al-Khalidi entitled "Missionary and Colonization." Those from the West also had written about the issue in the book. For example, Toynbee in his book "the World and the West."

In this regard, there are many evidences which could eliminate all of the doubt for those who intend to seek truth and for those who has no crooked intention in order to stop from serving the leaders of Westernization movement such as national movement or party based on racial as such being written by scholars of cultural colonization movement. 

Those who had ever read this book titled "The Attack on Islamic World" which had been published earlier than of Hamilton Gibb's and was translated by Dr. Muhibuddin al-Khatib in al-Moaiyid few years before 19th century had explained the determination of Westerners. The book had explained what had long been dormant in these people which is to dominate the world and it is something which should be achieved. Besides, they also had stated methods in executing their mission which had been divided into few institutions for example educational institutions such as school and university, missionaries, mass-media such as journalism or publishing. There are also other institutions such as literature and art, drama, theater, movies, and broadcasting.

There is no need for other evidences to confirm that there are Westernization movements which are supported by cadres and writers who are creeping around the world. Anyone who had joined any meeting organized by them through influential news agencies will found that those mentioned matters are obvious. Hence, there is no need for new evidences in order to enlight those who were lied. It is because they are determined with deep feelings to be blind followers to racial writers. These people are just like fragile rotten fruits produced by old hideous trees.

Those who analyzed and observed activities of missionary organizations, oriental studies foundation, and confusion raised by these two institutions could be more than confident that there are Westernization movement in all of the time.  

The definition of Westernization which could be understood from dozens of definitions forming new streaming of thought. It is based from the concept and values of Western thought. It is later becoming the benchmark for other thoughts and values around the world. Its aim is to make Western cultural traits and values being regarded highly exceeding those of other nations. Most of the time, they keep attacking cultures of Muslim nations. (Later when they found that Islam has nothing to do with cultural traits, they would bend it to other things. It shows that they hate the God because Islam is One of His Glorious Names).

Christian missionaries and Orientalists ever stated their ambition and objective is to create a new generation who would feel disgusted with Islamic values, those who low-esteem oriental values and thoughts, and working hard in preventing Islamic elements of morality and devotion to the God from entering educational institutions. The supporters of Westernization movements trying hard to pulverize Islamic figures such as prophet Muhammad s.a.w through finding the flaws of his characteristics, trying to demonize companions of Muhammad s.a.w, overshadowing Muslim philosophers of prophetic traditions with other extraordinary figures such as al-Hallaj, al-Sahruwardi, Bashar, al-Rawandi and many others.  

These efforts (their jihad for their own satisfaction) had been implemented through news papers and other so-called "standard quality" publishing with writers who were given fantastic images and titles to impress others.

Their writing technique would first explain the resolution which will be followed by few assumptions. Through assumptions, they created theories.

We don't treat these figures whether Muhammad s.a.w, celestial angels, prophets like Jesus a.s or Moses a.s and good people of the past like our schoolmates, buddies nor parents like in the West. We have 'respect' traditions in the East where manners and politeness is the most important thing as a mean to respect the soul within physical bodies of everyone. In Western world perhaps, people can call their dad or mum with their name. In Eastern part of the world, we respect them with titles. It is the same from Japan to Middle East and degree of politeness decreases as far as the sun sunken. Western thought indeed had entered educational institutions even in Malaysia. I still remember a leader had said that those religious studies students could be nothing in the future rather than being coconut graters in the village and later burdening the government. As the reslut, many religious studies students feel disgusted of themselves and for my case, I had fought teachers and seriously turned to Buddhism at that time shortly before I shifted to a technical school in Kajang. We are the products of those educational system which looks at material as a benchmark for development and not of soul based : )

Now... brothers and sisters that I love the most. This is how those "scholars" in the net work too. If we wanted people to live a noble life. We do not talk evil about others nor slandering because only people with evil mind will do that. This is not from Islamic teachings but from Buddhism teaching. I am actually more proficient in Buddhism and Brahmanism teaching compared to the religion of my ancestors which is Islam. Usually when I talk about these two traditions of philosophy from Indian sub-continent, I would treat them with respect, unlike those pastors nor hateful atheists because I was also once an atheist. Buddhists are atheist Hindus : ) 

End for this part, 9th of Zulhijjah 1432 wishing the Lord to bless creatures and universe with His boundless Mercy, Peace, and Love in this period near Resurrection, amin!    

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