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Salat: Keep the Row Close?

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

This is what I had been taught when I was in Mecca. I am not sure if it is different in other regions.

This is what happened in the mosque when the uncle tapped me. Last time when I was a little child I had also prayed like this. But most people of hadith regardless manhaj either Hanbali, Hanafi, and Shafi'ie had told me that this is not favorable when I was in Mecca and philosophically it shows that people are selfish and arrogant unless if there are reasons like illness : (

Thank You the God, we had completed the service for Aidul Adha which is a celebration in commemoration of our patriarch Abraham a.s and Ismael a.s. I was in the middle of a Chinese national and a Malay uncle who wears turban. While we are praying, the imam had advised people to close the row and it means that we have to keep our shoulder or feet close to each other as to prevent gap in the صف saff (row).

So, I keep my feet close to both of these guys. But at my right side which is the Malay uncle, he keep taking away his feet, so I thought that the gap of the line is not filled yet. So, I move my right foot bit by bit until the uncle tapped my thigh saying: "tak moh sentuh kaki." Urmm, excuse me... I'm not doing that because I wanted to touch his foot nor feeling curious to compare how smooth is his foot skin. I just thought that the gap is not filled and I am focusing my intention to pray to the God. Perhaps he was afraid that he would sit on my feet. We don't sit like Malays in the act of second witnessing just before we complete our prayer service. 

Why some people are so shallow in their adherence of manhaj of Sunnah? I mean this to Shafi'ies as Malays are mostly of Shafi'ie school. There are also some Arabs who adhere to Hanbali and they are also like the Shafi'ies. Sometimes they could also develop quarrel because of some differences and their shallowness in adhering to something. They only know their method. We are performing dzikrs, reciting Quran with melodious voices and styles but we had forgotten that we need to take care about our salat performance too. Salat is the heart of a Muslim. Besides, we also should know about others' methods as well. It is ok to follow something in the beginning. But once we had been following something, we need to also know what we are doing and what are the sources for that. If we blindly following something, we would be a blind-followers. That will always make us paranoid to everything because we have no knowledge while the God had mentioned in many verses of Quran that we must seek knowledge in everything.

There are several sunnah and hadith regarding the row of salat such as in the Bukhari no. 723 and Muslim no. 1003. In the narration of Ibnu Majah, it is also mentioned that we would be in disagreement if we perform salat without checking the gaps between our brothers or sisters. In narration and report of Imam Ahmad, it told us that noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w mentioned that "satan" will slip in between gap caused by the space between shoulders and it will cause us to loose your concentration (no.22317). There are many other hadiths about this. We just need some time to check the books and asking teachers to help with the references.     

Actually, I just don't understand these people of Sunnah. They claim themselves as people of Sunnah. Sometimes they are cursing Shi'ite brothers or Wahhabis and refuse to proclaim others as brothers and sisters. But they claim themselves as Sunnah Muslims while they have no knowledge even about the sources of their acts in rituals. 

I feel quite sad too because I have to stay here alone without my sisters or parents. I am still browsing my thesis and the supervisor had asked me to send it to her before 8th of Nov. I can't go to Alor Setar or Kangar just to visit mosques and temples to ease my boredom. I almost cried while reciting supplications in the mosque but I quickly wiped my tears before it flows down as it will make people around feel weird to see an old boy crying like a baby, hahaha. If I am alone I just don't care I will just cry like my nephews and nieces, hahahaaha. 

Usually, I would drink some tea with dad at mamak restaurant if I am at home during celebration time. Just spending some good time with elderly and respecting elders. All of friends I am familiar with had also graduated. Yesterday I went to Chinese restaurant having some drink because I can't mix with Malays. I just don't know... I can't mingle close with them though I always try my best :'( I feel like being looked as a lower creature when I mingle with them. My senior and ex-colleague, Azren is also a Malay but he is bit more open compared to most Malay students that I come across.

Other Malay junior who're older four years than me had also left me. Last time he was the one who came to me. Lani sebok lah apa kononnya, mai tang orang tanya ke diah. Orang lain pun busy jugak... Bukan kita seorang sahaja. This deceiving world is always busy with matters that bring us away from Him. When they have no friends, they would approach us. Tak layan depa, dikatanya kita sombong. When they have many friends or occupied with matters either which makes them happy, tired, or etc... They forgotten people very easily. That's why I hate to entertain people who came by to me nor I like to look direct at people's face. But when we stay silent and just focusing on our own business, they would come to us and say things like "tegur-tegur lah," mingle more with others, develop brotherhood, perform da'awa with others, combine our efforts and energy, don't just stay alone. Satan will deflect you if you're alone. I had experienced this circumstance where my iman being tested many times, even to the extend I wanted to die and sitting at the window. Remembrance to the God that saved me from sin. In the end, these people who "advised" me don't walk their talk. As for me, I am a friend for one. I am not a friend for all. If anyone alone and need assistance, I am there. I don't like many people to see me. Hurmmm, my future would also be like this I guess. Never mind, He is with us.     

Anyway, I am wishing brothers and sisters in iman, wherever you are happy celebrating Aidul Adha and we commemorate the Qurban/Sacrifice of patriarchs in the mean to please the God, to be close with Him and devotion only for Him. The blood and meat of animals sacrificed do not reach the God because the God needs not offering from meat and burnt sacrifices but the God accepts our sincerity and devotion to Him.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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