Sunday, 6 November 2011

Aidul Adha 2011: Just Having Some Walk in Queensbay

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Didn't plan it. I just grabbed my bag to find something for lunch. Then spontaneously waiting for the bus in front of Tesco. Had a talk with a Penang guy working in the Tesco. He had his time off and going home, so I have some nice chat with him about Penang and bus system. Also about migrant workers from Indonesia where they are concentrated in Relau area.

Poor kid, he said that he wanted to further studies but he has to keep some money. I just think that university is not really a place to study or developing studies but rather a place to keep knowledge only for internal circulation. Other than that, people are not studying because of the passion to study, researching on how to enhance services, or doing something for the betterment of society but only to find job if it is in Malaysian context. So, what's the different between furthering studies and already working? In the end people would have to work for a living either working in a nice office with nice salary or end up like some of my Malaysian Chinese seniors from Kedah in the Language Center working as salesgirls or restaurant managers : ) 

Besides that, who said that I'm not a friendly person if I always keep my silence, hehe. I can be friendly if I wanted to be but when some people who saw me talked with me, I had decided to be unfriendly because of certain reasons. I believe that nothing in the universe and in space existence last long, so do friendship or whatever it is.

Some interior design in Queensbay above the entrance 

 Crowded... We don't have to go for Xiamen or Fujian to travel because here we could also experience being in Southern China region : )

Japanese Restaurant: Nippon Yadamura level Basement Queensbay

Though I don't really like the ideas of the leader who proposed the Look to East (Japan) policy in educational and technological development industry, but I can't deny I love Japanese. I hope some Chinese nationals who are passing here do not smash my face... hehehe. My ability to converse in Japanese had obsolete almost two years ago after I joined Japanese minor class for translation and interpretation degree course. It's because of YOU, Yang Lee Soo! Hate you because if I know that you'd control the classes, I would refrain from that worthless class but rather furthering it in real Japanese University! 

Your teaching method is out of the scheme and not interesting. I'm sorry to say this. I had took the pain learning Japanese in order to read Buddhism books when I was around 15-16 years old. Japanese teachers like Watanabe Jigo, Watanabe Noriko and Goh Sensei who taught me in Egami Private Language Center in Sri Petaling were far more better. I regret I can't complete my Japanese studies. Otherwise, I would have translated all of the fiqh shari'iyyah and tasawwuf books in the rack into Japanese for Muslim Japanese brothers and sisters references. Now I have to do it in Chinese first because my Japanese grammar was destructed by that Yang Sensei who taught in a UNIVERSITY.

Japanese Milk Tea

I miss Japan. I used to buy this in Mami Maato Department Store in front of the factory at Chiba in Tokyo... : ( I can't find this in other convenient store here nor in vending machine like when I was in Japan. We only have green tea and Taiwanese tea. It brings me back to my memory when I was 18 years old. I paid RM8.65 for a little bottle simply because I missed it, ouchhhh!

Jusco drinking water: RM0.35, hehe.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I didn't check whether it is halal or not but what to do... I had already ordered without checking the owner's status. Next time we must not rush in doing things. Usually they would display certificate in open places like food court but too many people today so I went to place where there was less people, never mind. I hate making fuss about things because it is impolite. 

I just leave the chicken out but only taking the rice, it costs me RM6. Luckily I had bought a fried chicken before entering the food court so I ate that with the rice. Anything wrong I ask forgiveness from the God and His Mercy. That is my weakness and my fault and I am weak. I just used sign language talking with the Chinese hawker. She thought that I am some kind of foreigner since I didn't talk when ordering but just pointing at the menu. She thought that maybe this guy is a Vietnamese or Burmese or perhaps he is deaf or mute, lolll. It's very nice to use sign language, everyone can understand it and no need for voice.  

Penang Bridge view from Queensbay open air parking lot.

A cafe outside the shopping complex.

Many people crowding the shopping complex since it's a public holiday here. Bus is also full with people... 

It's jammed, and many cars. I'm sure those farm folks in the US or Europe never see the world enough when they thought that people in eastern part of the world live on trees. Perhaps they're penniless and stuck in their farms though their currency is higher, kesian... 

Prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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