Saturday, 13 August 2011

Memory: brother Kurnia and brother Idris 2010

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Always forgotten about these pictures although had been thinking to keep it here last time. This computer can't extract these pictures from the archives as the license is expired. Luckily that they are still there in my mail sent box. I think these pics were taken around late October of 2010 when I was in first semester doing this master. These brothers whom are brothers Kurnia and Idris are among earliest people whom I know when I returned back to USM. We live in the same hostel which is hostel in Bukit Gambir area. They are friendly guys but I just feel shy out of them due to my Chinese accent sounds weird. I dun feel shy to brother Idris since he's from Western China himself but just feel shy to non-Chinese inhabitants who also are the member of hostel's musalla congregation in which most of them are Malays.

I speak in Chinese with one of my classmate too, which is sister Ong. She's a non-Muslim though but she shares same faith with previous me last time. I don't consider myself as different from Chinese or Indian whom most Malays consider as 'immigrants' while we are the same Malaysian, haha. We have other Malay classmate which is Has but I don't feel comfortable with her.    

Bukit Bendera

 Penang view from Bukit Bendera

Black fur monkeys.

Brother Kurnia and brother Idris. Hope to see you again brother Kurnia. Thank you treating me fried noodle at Bukit Bendera. I will always remember that. Just feel sorry because I am a citizen of the host country who should honor both of you but it turns out that you honoring me, haha. I didn't get the chance to treat you. I am sad. Usually I would do that when people don't see me but both of you were right in front of me.

Penang Botanical Garden

 Monkey motherly love to its child.

Naughty monkeys. I am afraid of these primates, hahaha.

Lotus pond.

Short jungle trekking.

It was actually the idea of brother Kurnia. He suggested us to go for some sightseeing visiting places like waterfall or seaside something... to fill our free time during holiday. But it turns out that brother Idris had earlier explored Penang Botanical Park and most of places in Penang. I feel quite embarrassed because I had been here for about three years during my bachelor and I never went out from USM compound after our freshman, hehe. I just went out to Georgetown with our bachelor classmates during bachelor first semester, and few times to Sungai Petani either alone or with my classmate and only friend, Amir. Another one who sometimes accompanied us is Apai who lived in the same hostel with us but I wasn't really close to Apai. He's close to Amir.  

I think brother Kurnia has a great skill in photography because most of his pictures look good. Those monkeys were taken by him. Pictures taken by me always have that blurry image because of the wiggle, lol. These are the only pics that I have for these respective brothers since I tried to avoid people when people start to realize my existence although I wanted to hang around more with them. Feel not comfortable when people coming close to listen what language that I used when talking to brother Idris especially those Tabligh kids. Maybe they never have any experience mingling with non-Malay compatriot while in schooling time that made them feel strange? What is wrong when we speak other languages? I guess in Malaysia there is nothing to be surprised of because we adopt multiculturalism. If those from Indonesia or France feel weird, I still can accept it because they do not adopt multiculturalism to the extend like what is happening in Malaysia. I always see Malay or Indian speaking in Hokkien Chinese in Penang and I don't think that it is a peculiarity.

Please help to pray for brothers and sisters in Xinjiang and other Muslim majority provinces in China. I think brother Yunus whom I came to know in Bengal mosque is a Hui from Xinjiang. I wish their well-being and hopefully they could observe Ramadan fast without any problem. Avoid conflict with authority if possible, pray for the authority to also receive mercy and guidance from the God, insyaAllah. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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