Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mosque View: Masjid Putrajaya at Night

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Site view

Front gate

Stairs down to ground level which consists of imam's compartments, office, library, classes and ablution area

 Prayer hall

Wall decorations

Under the Masjid

Souq or bazaar, already closed in operation in the day

Fountain and painting stalls in front of the stair to restaurants

It looks like this when we go down the restaurants. This site is the site of mamak restaurant. Another site has Nando's chicken, Chicken Rice, and others which I could not remember though being here many times

Hope you don't feel bored and take good care of your health. I love you dad. Next time I will travel along with you if God permits it. God bless : )

No matter how beautiful a mosque is, if it is closed and out of activities, it is nothing to be proud of. Just reminding everyone, it's not trying to defame particular person na'udzubillahu min dzaalik but there is a muadzin which is a mosque staff originated from a state in Eastern coast who has some attitude problem. He would scare people away from the mosque if he continues like that. 

If anyone being insinuated or stared at by this particular guy when you are at mosque's feast, just ignore him. I don't like this kind of person insulting His sacred House scaring people away with their closed mentality and sick attitude. He had once shouted and chased a father with a little child out of the mosque during Ramadan Taraweekh service few years back then because of the child was crying in the prayer hall. His deed had put the father into great humiliation in front of other congregation. Poor father and child. The father had just said back to the inconsiderate muadzin: "I will never come to the mosque anymore!" It already turns out to be a sin. May Allah forgives everyone and guide us to righteous attitude. Other mosques' officers are nice and friendly.  

Allah please be in connection with our noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his family and his companions. Allah please enlight us our view with the light of Your scripture, make wide our heart, purify us our body, make easy our articulation, strengthen our honor, quicken our understanding, since there is no One who has the Strength except You dear Lord. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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