Saturday, 13 August 2011

Some Light Medications

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I don't frequently take analgesic medications but rely only on natural immune system. This is my first time trying Panadol Soluble and it tastes horrible unlike what my friend told me. It tastes like drinking dissolved camphor but I've got no choice. Need to get better soon or I would miss my Taraweekh like yesterday night. Yesterday I just prayed Isya' service in congregation and performing Taraweekh prayer service alone in my compartment after some sleep. Today I just tried my best to attend the service, need to counter my nausea. Afraid that I will be polluting the mosque with my gut's contents. 

When returning home from mesjid, I feel like creeping with my face on the pedestrian walk, sore headache. That's why I decided to get some medications from 7E. Today is Saturday and the free clinic inside the campus perhaps closing its door until Monday. Don't feel it's a good idea to see private clinic. They will certainly charge me more than RM15 just to check what kind of fever is this. I had experienced that when I went to a clinics in Sungai Dua for diarrhea and food poisoning. The clinic charged me RM27, Zaidi didn't even know that I was sick, hahaha. I tried not to burden him nor anyone. It is a shame to burden others. Four tablets of Panadol Soluble is about RM2.60 while Cosmopas Medicated Plaster for joints pain is about RM2.50. Check the price and quality before taking anything, don't waste in our expenditure.  

Sometimes when we have sickness or facing musibat, it means that Allah loves us. Human hates musibat and musibat are such things like death, illnesses, pain, sorrow, failure in life, and etc. We can't escape these facts, it is apart of the cycle of life. When we face all of these, it denotes that He wanted us to reflect whether our conduct is according to prescribed manner in the glorious Quran or in the opposite. He is evaluating our faith and patience like our prophets had crossed by before.  When we face musibat, we would recite prayer like ...innaalillahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji'un. It means, "indeed that we are from the God and indeed to Him shall we return" (al-Baqarah: 156). It reminds us that He is with us no matter when we are in pleasure or happiness. Everything happens is through His decree, we accept the divine pre-destiny.

However, we also have to have some efforts to stay healthy in order to worship Him in our daily life. Everything in this life is a test for us. The biggest test for us is death. No matter if we believe in the God or not, death is natural causes or caused by the God, it still will reach us. It does not matter whether we are choosing to spend our life with or without any conduct, living according to whatever we feel right. Death will still come to us, nobody in this material universe could escape it : )  

Dear Lord, our God, I love You though sometimes I might forget and asking why You are giving these to me. As a worthless servant and slave I have no right to question You who is the Greatest in Wisdom. I seek Your forgiveness dear Lord on my wrong conducts today and before. Please forgive me my sins and blessed be brethren in faith, dear Lord. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!    

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