Friday, 12 August 2011

Reminder: Drink Lots of Water to Avoid Dehydration

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Peace be upon brethren in soul. This is just a reminder and a community service. Please drink lots of plain water while you break your fast or while having pre-dawn meal. Ramadan is a month which is dry and a little bit hot. It is good to consume less food but we must take lots of water to remove excessive heat.

Though some of us are living in the northern hemisphere but I am sure you also have to deal with dry climate just like here in the southern hemisphere. I was affected by fever now because of the lack of water consumption. Make sure that your health is in good condition while observing fast. When we are in sickness and in pain, make sure that we are in wudhu' (ablution), recite the testimony of faith toward Allah and His messenger the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w, recite salawat (prayer) blessings for noble prophets Muhammad and Ibrahim, say repentance astaghfirullahal'azeem (I seek forgiveness from You dear the Great God) and anoint some olive oil if we keep it with us. I have joints pain because of this fever. Olive tree is a blessed tree mentioned in glorious Quran, surah at-Teen and olive oil could be used as an external ointment.

I remembered during I was in form 5 just few weeks before the Malaysian Examination Certificate (SPM) where I was affected by dengue. My joints felt so pain, almost passed out alone across the road at my school in Semenyih after finishing classes. I was admitted to hospital. No friends nor relatives visited me. I was alone in the ward with another dengue patient. I don't know what happened to him, after he was brought out when blood appears at his skin, may Allah bless him no matter where he is. My parents and other sisters were busy with elder sister's delivering her first son which is my nephew. He is now eight years old and I love him though never showing it to him nor anyone. I was just thinking about death at that time. It happens before I fully return to the Path and actually many sad events happened since we were young kids. So, when we see a rebel kid, don't quickly judge him or her. He or she might be facing problems in life and we don't know about that because we don't live with them. Regarding dengue, it affects us without we realize so make sure that we go for medical check-up when we feel unbearable heat and pain at joints. These are among symptoms before we realize that we're actually affected by dengue. It is notoriously affecting those in the area of peat land, usually the area with palm plantation in tropical climate. Every hour, nurse would bring syringe with needle to get our blood to be tested. Blood and water would be pumped into our vein.

These practices of faith testimonial and asking forgiveness during in sickness is just a preparation. Who knows He might send His noble angel of death to invite us. Some people like those who just blindly follow their sheikh might accuse this and that as bida'ah (innovation). We always do investigation first, never listen to hear says because sheikhs are not the God. We accuse Jew or Christian counterparts as deviating because they are listening to their cohens and priests like listening to the God but what is our difference when we accuse others' practices because we blindly follow our sheikhs? Whatever Allah says in His glorious Word is also reminders for us. Aren't we too the ahlul kitaab? What is the glorious Quran? Isn't it a kitaab (celestial scripture) too?  

Other than that, perhaps I had wronged the brother whom I gave shelter to and I might be under kaffarah (punishment). Feel sorry for him but my elderly roommate can't tolerate others to scout in the room even though he only comes here once in a blue moon. I already had problems with three previous elderly roommates and I don't want any now especially when it is almost close to the new year. I have to ask the brother to leave through another brother from his movement because I don't want to hurt his feeling. Well he might also forgotten that I am not his roommate and he is illegally scouting. I am also housing his stuffs and other two brothers stuffs on the rack and under the desk. I didn't have any intention to blame him nor looking down at his movement but think that he could also take this as a lesson when he deals with others in the future. Orang memberi kita merasa, orang berbudi kita berbahasa. This is a Malay idiom which means politeness and grateful is always our priority. When this problem happens, it also affects my rituals or responsibilities and it is a cause for me to enrage because the time is killing us.

I would say that I am quite particular regarding adab (civilized manner) and prophetic sunnah (tradition) though I don't wear any religious attire for my faith identification. Nobody would sense my religion when I am outside besides a male do not have to wear hijab (veil). I had already tried my best to serve brother no matter what their movement is and we just known each other less than a year. I am not an easy person to be made a friend, but once a friend I would serve others like a soul brother or sister. It's just a habit. Some of these people here had also, could I say deceived me but never mind. I am just an ordinary human-being, they're also human-being. No one is perfect and I understand that. I could only apologize to him on my weaknesses and limitation. Hope that he won't take it seriously. Wish that everyone spiritually enjoy in worshiping Him today and in this blessed month.   

O Lord our God, please forgive us our sins. Forgive our brethren in faith and in soul sins. Send us Your beautiful Mercy o the One who is Merciful over others. Please be in contact with our noble prophet Muhammd s.a.w and his family and his companions, dear Lord. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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