Monday, 23 May 2011

Is He really far from me????

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Why human always committing sins and vices? Why I am always committing sins and vice? I know that sin and vice is wrong but why I am postponing the repentance and penance? Is it because I feel that Allah Glory be to Him is far from me? Is He is far from my reach? Why human seldom pray to Him and being dependent to Him by lifting the hands begging Him to help us?

Is it because we could not see Him with our physical eyes? So, we are not confident that He is actually with us? It is like He is very far from us and maybe He would be late in helping us if we pray to Him for solutions in our daily problem? Why we are not able to relate our whole life with the God?

Is it because the God is far from us? So we feel that it is meaningless and pointless to relate our life matters with something or someone which is far from our reach? Whom we are not certain would be happy or not with our success? Whom we are not certain would be sad or happy with disaster that happened on us. Whom we are not sure would recompensate us or not with our penance and charity done? Because He is far from us that makes us feel worried and living in this suffocating state? Is He really far from us?

This kind of thing always happen to us no matter if we are Muslim or not. For Atheists, I am sure they are the God of themselves so they would depend only on their selves. But those who proclaim themselves as the believer of the God are those who depend on Him nontheless they feel He is far or close to them. The question is whether He is far or not from us?????

In this question of the relationship between the creatures and their Creator, the creatures are in the side of those who are hoping while the Giver is the God. So, the answer for this should come from the scripture where He reveals about Himself. We could check the answer in surah al-Baqarah verse 186, surah Qaaf verse 16, and surah al-Baqarah verse 214. 

Some people might argue whether God is close to us as if He is really beside us, or His knowledge is very close to us? For some people this argument should not be a headache for them. They would accept that the God is close to them without any further questions. They do not even care whether He close in the real sense or close to them in His knowledge because nothing would be less if they are in one of those circumstances. The most important thing is that He is close to them. The God never lies in His words and promises. How the God is close to us is not our problem. It is His job.

The God has heralded that He is indeed very close to His servants. He also says that He never lies to His servants. Thus, the matter of how close or far He is from us is actually the matter of our faith to Him. If we want to be confident that He is watching us, He is listening to us, He is all Knower, He is Powerful, He is Mighty, all is on us. There is no one to force us to believe this but it is in our nature. There is also no one to force us to obey Him but it is our choice. The Truth won't change with our choice. If we choose not to believe that God is indeed with us, then the Truth that He is indeed close to us would not change.

Even if the whole world do not believe in His existence, He still exists. Those who believe will enter the paradise although the whole world torturing them. Those who do not believe will enter the jahannam (place of torment) even if the whole world loves them (al-Baqarah verse 256).

Those who believes in Him would see the sign of His existence or feeling it. If they believe that He is close, then they would feel Him. The choice is in our hand and not on others' to believe with the genuine faith.He is indeed close and not far from our reach. He listens to us and watching us. This faith would help us to continue to another step. When we believe that He is close and not only exists, He is watching us, listening to us, and supporting us then we could strive to face this world. We could also perform obedience to Him in a better way. When we are alone then we are in the state of difficulty. But when we are with a companion, we are stronger than alone. In addition He who is our Companion is the One who could not even be defeated by anyone in the Universe. He is the King without crown!

We could see in the da'awa performed by the messenger of God, Muhammad (saw). The problem of faith is the first being solved. So, how does our faith look like?

When we already confident that He is indeed close, our anxiety would fade away. We face difficulties and happiness in this life with preserverance. When we are sad, we know to whom we should complain. And when we are happy, we know to whom we should be thankful. When we are in difficulties, we know to whom we should ask for help and when we are in happiness we know to whom we should express our happiness.

We would also feel ashamed to do destructions and vices in society and the world with this faith. Imagine if we steal something and others are watching us, would we continue with that act? The same thing happens, when we are in vices. Wouldn't we feel ashame to Him who is watching us? Although when we commit sins and vices due to forgetfulness and carelesness, we would return with repentance and penitence to to Him.

Ibrahim Adham had said to a man who wants to commit vice: "you may commit it but with a condition where you could find a place where He could not see you." Where can we find such a place? Everything in this Universe is under His supervision. He is all Powerful and covering everything (al-Fussilat verse 54).

When we are in anxiety, do not feel shy to cry in front of Him although we couldn't see Him. He is very close and His assistance is everywhere. Quickly be in contact with Him when we are in difficulties. He is very close to us compared to our friends around. When we are all confident with these, we would feel the grace.

I have this question, why I had performed penitence and everything but I do not get anything??? Sometimes there is a kind of situation where He delays His help. It is called as tests and tribulations. In arabic, we call this as al-fitan. Sometimes He does not giving the things that we asked, but we should also realize that we are no one to Him. We have no rights to demand Him! We our selves do not know what is good or bad for us but He knows it more. Whatever He gives to us is the best due to His knowledge. This is confidence. 

Do not worry with the natijah (result). We only need to worry about our efforts. His Will, after the efforts then the results would proceed. Any result that He has decreed is the best. When we are confident with this, then our suffocating due to the time framing for our supplications, difficulties faced in life, anxiety, and worry would be solved without we even realize it.

Sometimes we want everything to be in order according to what we demand and we want to know the result in a blink of the eyes but we do not have the knowldge like Him. Maybe we only know about certain things which are good for us in 10 years to come or longer. But when we realize about this, everything had gone. Just like what I had experienced when we could not accept the fact : (

He is full of Love and Mercy to His servants. Why not we try to be close to Him even in a little step? Aren't we stingy with our moves? Aren't we ashame to Him to behave like that? He who possess everything is not stingy to be close to us but why we who are dependent to Him never make any move to approach Him???????!!!!! We only have to move one step and He is closer to us in an analogy of 1000 steps as He loves us. Who else the best representative for us in this world except Him (surah aal-'Emraan vs. 173).

Don't delay the move to be close to Him. We are in the period of near resurrection and destruction. We are also not safe from death in this temporary life. We do not want to lose His blessings so may everyone being saved. Let us live with Him, feel that He is close to us. People who lives with God will always be successful in this life and the hereafter. 

God please be in contact with prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and his companions and all of the good nations. May everyone receives blessings, success and guidance. Sealed with prayers for peace and love and mercy.

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