Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Why should we understand what we recite??

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

When we recite suras (divine letters), reciting invocations for parts of salaat, and in everyday supplications, do we really understand what we recite? Quite sad that many of us including my self do not even spare few moments to understand the meanings of those invocations, supplications, and suras recited in salaat or in daily life. It is a very basic job. 

What are the benefits for us when we understand what we recite? Some of them are with His Will:

1. During daily prayers, a Muslim on the average actually repeats about 150 to 200 arabic words and numerous holy sentences. By memorizing certain obligatory parts, we will understand all of them and bringing them into life.

2. We will feel a difference in our attention and concentration during prayers. We'll have less disturbance and whispering from Satan during prayers.

3. As a result, our attachment with Allah will increase during the prayers and as a whole in our life.

4. It will serve as an excellent beginning step towards understanding Quran or the language used in the text. It will make us familiar with arabic sentence structure and indirectly some points of grammar because Quran is a rich source of literature although it is not an exact compilation of poems.

May Allah guide us with knowledge and ruhul quddus (holy spirit). May all of us being blessed with wisdoms and guidance. Sealed with prayers for peace and love, may all of us live in piety and penance, aamin!!!!

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