Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The roots for sufferings in soul

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

This character is the most easiest to be detected and the most major in human self. A person who is grumpy seldom have friends and his heart is not in peace.

It is hidden in the chest and it's like lava in ones selves. A vengeful person always trying to find his way for a revenge even small revenge such as hurting others with his words would do. A vengeful person could easily be affected by heart attack. 

All of the practises and penance would be burnt by jealousy, jealousy is a divine characteristic and human is not qualified for this.

Happens when a person feels that others wanted to take his property, his luxury, position and others. For example always claiming that he has no money while he actually have it but to deceive others so that he does not have to donate and help others. The God indeed favors more a wicked person but is generous rather than a faithful servant but is stingy. Because a wicked person generousity could be beneficial to others as God is giving His sustainance through His creatures as an asbaab (cause).

A greedy person would never be satisfied with lots of possession he has as a thristy person being given sea water. He drinks the water until it finish but it won't satisfy him. Whatever is called as our property or possession when it is used. When it is kept and piled, it could not be called as a property or sustainance because there might be the rights of others. Let the sustainance or property little but it is blessed by Lord God when it is used in a beneficial way and for Him.

When a person could not be patient with small matters, how would he be patient with big matters?

This is the mother of evil characteristics. It makes a person fallen in trouble and not in peace. A person with this character is a person who would easily feel challenged. Each person possess this character but the difference is in its level.

Show off
A person who loves to show off would feel tortured as he does everything only for praises by fellow human. Acting in front of others. When he is praised, he intensifies his practises. But when he is insulted, he would decrease his practises. The God would be pissed off with a show off person and with a person who feels that his practises and rituals done are enough thus he feels that he is holier than others.

Love the world
When we could not get it, we would suffer. When we get it, we would also suffer because it is very hard to maintain it. Be luxurious but we have to control our soul and heart. Do not place our confidence on the property and possession but only on Allah. Love the world is the hell in the world. World is hot and it is haunted by everyone. Place akhirat (hereafter) in our heart, and dunia (world) in our hand as it could be divided and substituted but akhirat is for us when we see Him. 

As per conclusion, the one that grabs our happiness is not totally caused by poverty, unfortunate luck, being occupied, and others but the evil characteristics in our selves. The higher our wicked characteristics, the more unfortunate we are. Either we perform the efforts or just giving up. In both situation we would suffer but when we perform efforts we would eventually receive happiness. May we remind each other not to be careless to avoid sadness. 

God be in contact with prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as You were in contact with our father Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family. God bless prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as You had blessed our father Ibrahim and his family. Sealed with prayers for love and peace, may everyone receive guidance and success.

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