Monday, 23 May 2011

Cure for Snobbish Character

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Being snob or takabbur is not a good character for human-being.  It is evil and would lead human being toward evil. Takabbur is best described as holier than thou attitude or I am the greatest amongst all without realizing the Greatest amongst all is actually Him. Human-being are basically weak unlike Lord God who are all Powerful, Holy and the Great. We are dependent to Him, so we are not qualified to have this character!

Human could not bear the impact of this character. So, if a human possess this bad characteristic, he or she ought to quickly remove this character. Imam al-Ghazali had underlined five ways to stop a person from being a snob.

1) When we talk with children, we must assume that the children are holier than us. They are cleaner than us and more noble in term that their sins are not so many as our sins as adults.

2) When we talk with a religious person or religiously knowledgeable person, we assume that he is noble than us as they possess more knowledge compared to us the ignorant.

3) When we talk with an ignorant, we assume that he or she is noble and holier than us because he or she committing sins due to his or her ignorance while we are sinful in the same time know what is right and what is wrong.

4) When talking to a non-believer, say to our selves that one day the non-believer would receive guidance from Lord God. When he receives the guidance from God, every sin he possessed before the guidance would be forgiven by the Most Merciful who forgives sins. While we who are the Muslims since born continuously being in sin without realizing the impact that we would receive in the hereafter.

Allah our Lord please be in connection with our prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as You had been in connection with our patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family. Allah our Lord please bless prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as You had blessed our patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family. Sealed with prayers for peace and love.

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