Sunday, 2 June 2013

Undergraduate Class

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Just a picture that I have from our class. The truth is I had never capture any picture of mine during schooling times nor during undergraduate period. Just got this from colleague, brother Amir and he took it from other sites of our classmates, lol...

Urm, I cannot remember all of their names... We never really mingle together because the class was divided into groups. One group of students went against one another. I am with brother Amir because he is my Kedah state compatriot. I could say that I was quite racist at that time and strictly mingled with Kedah, Kelantan, some students from Besut in Terengganu and Thais, ahaha...  This is around 2008-2009 while I studied Translation and Interpretation studies where the basic languages were Malay and English. Right now I am still practicing these studies and translated many things which also include both Muslim and non-Muslim wisdom. I still keep some of the notes and rewriting them again as to preserve and to spread it out to other Muslim brothers and sisters.

I do not mix with other students in the class and have problems with some lecturers because I was also an orthodox Muslim guy. I respect Friday and the calculation of the holy day for me begins from Thursday evening up to Sunday dawn. My German language lecturer surprisingly understood me but Malay Muslims do not understand me and our rituals. 

Usually we, observant orthodox Muslims would have problems even in Muslim society ourselves. Not only in Western society. However, I could assure everyone that I am even more open-minded than any "liberal" thinking people in the West. I never have any conflict with people of non-Islamic faiths. I am in the photo anyway but only those in the pictures know me, hehe...

Sealed with prayers with mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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