Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thesis AGain

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Last week I received emails from my course coordinator and also from the school's clerk. They said that my term is not ended yet. My colleagues which is Aida and Prema both also called me. They thought that I am still in progress to repair my thesis but the reality is that I am not repairing anything. I just went to mosques and praying besides reciting the Quran and litanies to purify myself yet I still feel not purified because I think that I am still selfish. Sometimes I had forgotten to take note on my parents feeling. It is a violation of commandments. 

Just about a week ago, those colleagues called me. And now I am almost finishing my thesis which is around 30,000 > words and about 87 pages, haha... I did not sleep days and nights to cope with the running time because this Monday is the due date which would determine whether I will be graduated as a master student of International and Diplomatic Studies (European). What is the title of my thesis? The title is "The Recognition of Religious Minority Rights in Europe: Muslim and UK as a Case Study". This is not really an easy study, but praises only due to the God the Highest. I am thankful to brother Abdullah al-Andalusi. His debates in the Muslim Debate Initiative series really helped me and because of that I could combine my readings about Islamic civilizations. The study also talks about the Sharia law and political angle of Islam besides analyzing the flaws of Western political philosophies such as liberalism and inequity in human rights as people hypocrisy could also be confusing.  

Right now, I am writing the last chapter which is the conclusion for the thesis. Tomorrow I would print it out and just return to USM, with His Will of course. Please brothers and sisters help me to pray for my success in the study. I love legal, policies and political studies though before I frowned at them. I am countering my fear factors now, haha... Thank you for prayers. My prayers is also for brothers and sisters.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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