Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Transactions in Islam

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I just returned home from USM Penang and arrived here in KL just after 'Asr time. I had submitted my thesis. Anyway, for postgraduate students who take full-time classes we actually have to write a five chapters mini-thesis other than hundreds or maybe thousands of weekly assignments. I shut myself down for about a year since the Gregorian New Year 2013 after my thesis being rejected for about.... Well, I do not know how many times.

For this time, I wish that they could accept my thesis and let me go through the candidature as a master graduate student. I did not sleep for about a week to manage my thesis right. Grateful to both sisters, Aida and Premawati. Because they contacted me and reminded me to the thesis, so I came to realize that I had wasted my time in the campus for another three years of my life just after I graduated from undergraduate class. Six years as a higher institution student, plus with my schooling times. I am not trying to brag myself but one could compare our maturity with those who had started their working life since after their schooling times or after their undergraduate times. We could analyze the situation better and not just working for the sake of saving our ass. We learned to be compassionate to other beings and feel others' sufferings.

Well, tonight I am connecting myself with the mosque again which is the al-Najah Mosque at the religious primary school in Precinct 9. I just love that imam guy. I feel connected spiritually to him and also some other guys but only specific people. It is like being connected to another brother when seeing him or other specific people. Coincidentally, there was a religious lecture related to communal activity component in Sharia Islamiyah or the Way of Islam. The ustad talked about the interest or in Arabic we call it as al-Ribaa. This is quite interesting because I learned about this but I had forgotten, lol. 

Basically, there are six matters which is mentioned in a Hadith I guess reported by Abu Sa'id al-Khudry r.a as interest matters. They are:

1. Gold 
2. Silver
3. Wheat grain
4. Dates
5. Salt
6. Barley

Well, because this country and most regions in South East Asia are following the jurisprudence of imam al-Shafi'ie rahimahullah then I am offering him my honor, love and respect. I will just mention about his method of jurisprudence other than my family in majority follows his method. In modern days, there are matters subjected to interests such as money and they are reasoned through a process known as deductive analogy by jurisprudence scholars. Not by commoners.

The imam al-Shafie jurisprudence method categorized interests into three categories:

1. Ribaa' al-Fadhl
2. Ribaa' al-Nasee'at
3. Ribaa' al-Yad

The adherents of Hanbali jurisprudence usually would follow the method of Ibnu al-Qayyim and other scholars from the particular school of jurisprudence where they recognize two categories of interests in transaction. It is not a problem at all but do not impose the method on others like they do not have their schools of jurisprudence or scholars of jurisprudence. 

I guess these are the summary for basic things in our daily transaction whether with money or barter system. These form the basis of our financial law and economic system where Islam is not based on any Enlightenment products from European continent but it is an "Enlightenment" product from Arabian Peninsula where the people there were regarded as barbarians although it is perhaps an overgeneralization by Orientalists or Western academicians.

I just read some books written in Malay language from our library in Hamzah Sendut USM. I guess I took two books about tariqas in South East Asia and one is the Book of Aphorism written by Ibn Athaillah al-Sikandari and compiled again by Sheikh Fadlullah al-Haeri of Karbala. The book about tariqas among them is known as the "Syariah: Ilmu Fekah Menurut Tarekat Qadiriyah" or "Sharia: Jurisprudence according to Qadiri Lineage" written by Haji Abu Bakar Aceh and published by Pustaka Aman Press. Another one is the "Tarekat Ahmadiah in Malay World" but I cannot remember the author's name and publication. Qadiri lineage is actually my paternal family lineage but we had forgotten and leave the practices behind when our elders passed away. My father was not properly educated (religiously speaking) and I am lamenting him because he is unfortunate. Basically I have some basic knowledge about the Qadiri lineage where I just look at the contents and I could elaborate them again from my basic understanding of Islam. Some of the practices I had already get from elders at our "centers" when I was little child. I am just referring to the book as to recall my memories back while waiting the time to take the bus to return to Kuala Lumpur. Did not have much time to xerox the book and violating the publication copyrights because I was rushing with thesis submission and others.

Tomorrow will be my first day working in an organization. It is just a contract based job but anything will do because I need some experience in working areas and getting used to whatever that I had left before. Thank you brothers and sisters for visiting this humble site. I am grateful for brothers and sisters prayers.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!        

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