Sunday, 23 June 2013

Working as a PR Trainee

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Fuhhhh.... These two weeks are quite hectic. On 3rd of June 2013, I received a phone call from a government agency and the caller said that she has a temporary job to offer to me. Actually I did not haunt the job so much since I am gradually trying to leave the "world" behind beginning with balding my head. I am grateful to get the job though it is just a temporary one. I am placed in the Corporate Communication Unit which is a small unit at the basement of the department. I reported myself at the human resource office at the third floor at the block 08 on 6th of June 2013. 

I sent my thesis on 3rd June 2013 and I went to my mother's cousin sister house. I spent some time with my cousin brother, well not so little but younger than me known as 'Ady. He took me to Mee Udang restaurant owned by his friend in Balik Pulau but he does not know that I am not taking seafood. Since I did not want to make any fuss and he was so happy to introduce his state's delicacy to me so I am just celebrating him and broken the "pantang" while crying in my heart. I am happy to know that he is going to be hired for other job which is more rewarding to him. He loves sailing and I think his father is a native of Pulau Pinang which means that they are the Orang Laut. It is normal for us Arab descent to have relatives of different races... 

Right now I am a trainee of public relations in the department. We deal with publicity, ICT products of the department such as checking the pictures of the CS to the Government and the people there or the media profiles, exhibitions at the department's lobby, handling visit from other government agencies, managing media and controlling photographers in the office's official ceremonies like the Stunning Achievement Award for public servants, clerical jobs, handling complaints, and many other things related or non-related to the job specification. More or less this temporary job is related to both degrees that I have studied. About the payment, they paid me under the O-Level scheme which is RM54 (16.86 USD) per day and it is about RM1620 (505.70 USD) per month. Just be grateful with whatever that He gave us. Maybe there are hidden wisdom that we do not know.

These two weeks were the busiest weeks for me. One of the senior trainee there is going to quit from the unit since he received an offer for permanent job in other department. So, the deputy head of the unit has appointed me to take hold the jobs left by that guy. He is going to end his service in the unit this Friday so I have to learn and also finishing the left-over jobs by previous trainees since they had also involved me in their meetings. On 20th June 2013, I joined the group of trainees to entertain a visit from Bakri Police-Technical Institute. They came all the way from Johore to see the Prime Minister's Office and made a proper application to the Communication and Corporate Unit so everyone should also address their application with manner. 

Tomorrow, I am going to be a media controller in the ceremony of "Anugerah Pencapaian Cemerlang" which will be held in the Putrajaya International Convention Center. Those people ordered me to do so and I am a trainee though I have a master degree. I am going to humble down myself and try to gain experience as much as I can. So tired since today I have been working in the office for half of the day trying to finish the initial tasks received and at 15:00 we have to go to the ceremony site to check whether everything is in order. I just arrived at home at 19:04 and was sent by a younger trainee known as Naqiyuddin. He has a nice name but I am not going to entertain little kid like I used to in the Tekun hostel. I am not trying to be cocky but I am too "Old" or perhaps "Ancient" to mingle with them. Maybe some people would see me like a "sufi" person but let me tell everyone something. We do not mingle so much with people and most of all people would "cast" their sins on us. I am not something which purify people's sin nor grieves! I used to tell this to little kids in the USM hostel in a framed phrase that "I am a human-being" when they uttered some weird words but little kids are little kids... 

I have to finish up with the task. So, I beg on my knees to brothers and sisters please help me to pray to Him may He makes everything easy for me. May He makes me easy to perform every worship and always remember Him as what I had promised in the covenant with Him. Brothers and sisters please take care of your health in this hazy condition. Pray that may He orders the smoke and fire to cease away so others could be healthy and performing worship to Him in their ways.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!              


  1. ameeen.

    be as hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib says... live in a way that when you are gone, you will be missed.


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