Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Moqaddam Suras Checking: Surat ash-Shams

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I'm checking again my recitation. I don't really feel safe to talk with people around after I find out that many people in the pretext of "pure" teachings are finding their ways to bring down others. So, kinda have no friends to check it with me though I feel it is necessary to have a person that we respect in front of us to check. First of all I pray to Allah to guide me in my Quran recitation and memorization with the ruhul qudus and spare me away from the devil and its host. I'm jotting down the meanings of the suras so I don't just mumble it like a kind of mantra. Quran is not for magical power. It is for us to practice in order to live a 'pure' life forever. 

Surat I wanted to check, let it be only one at once so it would be easy for me to check. The surat is surat ash-shams. Here is the message in simple English and its just my own translation for checking. It should be referred to the Arabic text of universally used Quran and when reciting it must be in the recorded Arabic:

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate above all

By the Sun and its rays 1 By the Moon when it follows 2 By the Day when it shines with the light 3 By the Night when it covers 4 By the Sky and the One who develops it up 5 By the Earth and the One who spread it all over 6 And the self (of human-being) and the One who perfected it 7 Thus He inspires those which is bad (illegal) and those which is good (legal) 8 Indeed victorious be those who purifies (his or her soul) 9 And indeed at loss be he who stained his soul 10 The Thamud (ancient Arab tribe) has denied (the prophet) with their transgression 11 When one of the doomed one among them risen 12 Thus said the messenger of Allah it is the camel of the God and its drinks 13 But they denied it and slaughtered it so Allah has destroyed them due to their sins and leveling them to the ground 14 And Allah (the Lord of Universe) is never afraid of the implications (everything in the universe is meaningless and Allah is not part of the time and space) 15   

Such a nice surat though simple with 15 verses only This surat was revealed by Allah to Muhammad s.a.w and it is chanted through his tongue in our holy city,  the noble Mecca. It's related to my few previous posts too about what I had learned in my previous experiences as a young "lost" boy about the inner self of human-being.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!   

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