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Bombings of Architectural Structure in Libya

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I have heard about this for so long. It happens everywhere, in Iran, in Pakistan, in Syria and in Libya too. Though I read the treatise by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab and I actually look like one of them when I am outside, but I am just an ordinary Muslim. How is that I look like them? I wear the trousers with the length of just enough reaching to my ankle or maybe above. My head is bald with some beard. What differentiate me from them is that I am usually in black and it includes my skull cap, hehe. It was not their style but my style since I was a young Muslim kid. I just wear like that again once I get the enlightenment about what should I be. 

Recently, there is a bombing event in a masjid attached with a tomb of a descendant of one of the Hassan, the grandson of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. His name is known as Sharif Abdussalam al-Asmar. The bombing was made legal by the grand mufti of Libya but many of the ulamas of Libya actually are not in agreement with the grand mufti who is influenced by the Saudi Arabia. From what I have heard about the Wahhabi movement, they believe that the act of visiting the tomb is equal to the worship of idol. Perhaps it is true for some ignorant people but as for me I would also chase those who pray to the soul of the dead and asking their assistance and not from Allah the Lord of the lords. I mean we don't have to be a follower of Wahhabi movement or Salafi movement to know this and why they are looking down to other Muslims who are not in accordance with them especially when those who returned from Saudi Arabia began to spread out their treatises and books in their country after studying there or after performing pilgrimage. One thing for sure, the Saudi government itself has banned the distribution of other movements' kitabs and treatise in Saudi Arabia and stopping them from being spread out. If it is not for political purpose, then what else? Only politicians put all lies to other believers to win vote. By hook or by crook. Politicians and the earthly rulers are among the lowest people in the earth when they try to win the influence. 

In the era of prophet Muhammad s.a.w he also visited the grave of his mother in Abwa'. His mother, Aminah was not even blessed with the mercy of Allah to testify witness on her son's prophethood because she passed away earlier. So, by the meaning of witnessing, she is not a "Muslim" by documentation validation. So, when prophet Muhammad s.a.w visiting her grave, did he commit idolatry and pray there??? Is he lower than the followers of Wahhabi movement who just recently getting into influence from 17th century with spilling blood of Muslim brethren wars in Taif and Madina al-Munawwara? Where is the morality and the manner of the Wahhabi movement followers who claim that they are of no jurisprudence school?  They are not speaking the truth. Salafi is the madzhab of imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. The scholar such as Ibnu Taimiyya was the adherence of Hanbali madzhab. And his guidelines at that time was based on the condition of his era. He's not the only Sheikhul Islam at the time while Wahhabi movement influenced people took his opinions like being revealed from Allah to a prophet. 

Last time, when I tried to join the circle in USM Masjid where the Syrian student became the naqib of the circle, I sensed that they are not of religious studies background although they speak in Arabic. When the guy said that after few lessons with them I would be an imam or ustad myself, then I just politely excuse myself and leaving them behind and it surprises them because I don't even care whether they are from Syria, from Lebanon or from whatever holy Arabic speaking country. High religious teachers would never say like that. There lies the boasting attitude in the speech. Just think of what prophet Muhammad s.a.w says when he was in the circle explaining the teaching of Allah to his companions. What would he say? How does his manner looks like? Even when he did not entertaining one of a blind companion eager to learn about revelation, Allah has revealed down the surat 'Abasa to him in order to correct his attitude to the companion. 

Other thing is that, the tomb of prophet Muhammad s.a.w and two of very close companions, Abu Bakr r.a and 'Umar r.a are also in the Prophet Mosque in Medina al-Munawwara. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w as we already know, live in the area of the mosque with the mother of the believers, Aishah r.a. When he passed away, he was buried there and noble companions also had discussed where to bury him under his pulpit and it shows that there is no problem for a tomb to be attached to a mosque. So, is this means these companions were ignorant and their knowledge about religious teaching is lower than of Ibnu Taimiyya or Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab? In Sunan Ibnu Majah no. 1628, it is mentioned that the practice of entombing a person in mosque or mosque area is common as it narrates that the place where a prophet being buried is the place where he breath out his last breath. Aishah r.a, the wife of noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w also prays beside the tomb or the grave of her late husband. She is one of the well-known female scholar of religious studies and hadith narrations. Should the practice of visiting grave and tombs of ancestors is a heresy and idolatry, then Aishah r.a would long asked the tomb of her husband being trampled down like what Wahhabi movement followers did to all of the architectural heritage of Muslim world.       

Besides, the legalization of the destruction of mosques and holy sanctuaries by grand mufti of Libya is not in accordance to the school of Maliki jurisprudence while he is still committed to the opinions of Maliki school's scholars. Unless if he turns to be a Hanbali school followers like the Salafi and the Wahhabi movement followers, then it would be another thing to discuss as there are many scholars of Hanbali schools like the father of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab who was also a great Hanbali scholar that does not agree with the extremism of his son.   

The conclusion from the treatise written by a Libyan Ulamas spoke person from the Libyan Ulama League mentions that the National Conference and Interim Government of Libya should charge those who raise up the animosity. The court must order them to reconstruct again what they had damaged and getting again what was plundered from the mosque and people. The officials who cooperated with the traitors and breaking the trust of citizens should be dragged into the court of justice. Interim Government of Libya and Libyan National Conference must pressure the government of Saudi Arabia to ban their ulamas from stirring up the internal affairs of others' country. Youngsters who were brainwashed by the Saudi led Wahhabi movement must be continuously schooled again as they plead allegiance to Saudi ulamas more than they plead allegiance to Allah and His prophet, Muhammad s.a.w through the promotion of the recordings and the free distribution of Wahhabi movement books and tapes, attacking the moderate religious tradition in Libya, and lowering the position of the native Libyan ulamas in their fatwa, ijtihad and guidelines. Official complaints must be sent to the Arab League and International Islamic Organization in relation to the act of Saudi Arabia and its citizen who are not respecting the Maliki school of Sunnah jurisprudence in Libya.    

As for what I could see, these people looks more like the ya'ajuj and ma'ajuj who will be followed with the rise of al-Masih Dajjal (the fake Messiah). They love bombs and fire so much. And weird it is why they hate Muslims of other denominations and who are not in accordance with them? I could only see that they are boastful, too much confident that they are free from any scholars' opinions though they actually still bounded to their 'prophet' Ibnu Taimiyya and other scholars' whom opinion is in accordance with their savage attitude. Further information could be checked with the Libyan Ulamas League documents. Recently too, there was a mosque cleric who puts the burned Quran parchments in the bag of a handicapped Christian girl in Pakistan and it was founded that the cleric is the one who did that. What is the purpose for him to do that? Who is behind this? What is the worldly gain for this? Are these kind of people really the believers of Allah and witnessing Muhammad s.a.w the prophet of mercy? Or they are the followers of al-Masih Dajjal in the pretext of Muslims??? It's a matter of polemics...

Allahumma salli 'alaa Muhammad wa 'ala aali Muhammad wa sahbihi ajma'in...

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love.

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