Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Science of the Quran : Introduction

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Definition of the Quran

What is the Quran? Basically everyone know that it is our holy scripture. Now we introduce what is Quran according to our own standard. We don't need Oxford or Orientalism standard for this! You want to learn about Islam and Quran? Learn from the "practicing and faithful Muslims". Learn with the intention that you really want to know what is mentioned in the verses without any perception. Not from those from wherever it is claiming that they are ex-Muslim turning to Atheism or other faith because of this or because of that.  How can we get the benefit when our cup is fully filled with the tea? Try take a cup and fill it with the tea or water. See what happens when you pour the tea into the cup without stopping it. So, what is the use for you to get to know something if you already have the knowledge about it?  

Just cut those craps and stop bullshitting. That is my advice to those who commit this childish act. I learned Buddhism last time. I learned it from the "real acharyas" in temples, listening from Buddhist medias like Thai national radio making notes out of it, memorize the teachings, practicing them with myself and only speaking the truth. I never claim myself as an ex-Buddhist this or ex-Buddhist that to defame it or to make other Buddhists turning to my faith. That is the act of chickens who have no balls. It's not noble and you're lowering others' intelligence. 

Quran refers to the Word of the God. It is the miracle which was consecutively descended upon Muhammad s.a.w through the medium of archangel Gabriel a.s. It is now written in Arabic in copies being read by Muslims around the world as an act of worship and to seek divine inspiration from the God through His Word.

Definition of the Sciences of the Quran

It is the field of knowledge which argues the aspects related to the Quran. Among them are the beginning of how it has been revealed, the way it was revealed, the places where it was revealed, when it was revealed, the collection of the verses, its documentation and its stages, its miracles, nasakh and mansukh, muhkam and mutashabeeh, parables, arrangements of the divine letters, recitation branches of science such as tarannum or tajweed and etc.

Field of Quranic Science's Arguments

I found that it is very interesting dear beloved brothers and sisters. It covers questions such as follows:

1. Definition of Quranic science and its source.

2. Discussions on how it was revealed with its characteristics such as qaadim and azaliy.

3. Discussing the issues and causes which brings the revelation of the verses into its revelation.

4. Discussion about the Makki and Medini verses.

5. Arguments about the questions regarding mutashabeeh and muhkam verses.

6. Discussions about the mutashabeeh and muhkam verses.

7. Discussions about the earlier and ultimate verses which were revealed.

8. Arguments about the collection of Quranic verses and its history from the Muhammad s.a.w companions' era to the modern era.

9. Discussion about the questions regarding the exegesis of the verses, explanation of the verses and its translation. There are also principles in translating the verses of the Quran. 

10. Questions of revelation and the way it has been revealed from Allah to Muhammad s.a.w.

11. Discussing few objectives related to the revelation of Quran and its miracles. There are many more.

In the matter pertaining point no. 9... I also learned about Bible translation principles and Western ideas regarding translation when I was an undergraduate student yet I feel that my field of studies is useless since I could not use it as a tool to serve the nations and I wasted the time which I should have used it to memorize kitabs and sunans. Now I almost finished everything. I am sacrificing my limited time, my pride, my limited financial and energy wishing Allah to be my witness and helping me in the hereafter. I am also hoping that brothers and sisters could help me. Be mo'allims (teachers) for your people, teach them in your languages so they may understand everything well and practice them. Get the help of teachers in your areas and spread His light to everyone. Anything that you read here are just supplements not the real stuffs. Please get help from teachers and discuss them with other brothers and sisters. I really mean this.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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