Friday, 13 July 2012

Ramadan Kareem 2012

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Wishing brothers and sisters a peaceful Ramadan and to Allah we're thankful for granting us health and safety throughout the year. Ramadan always reminds me to my time in the university either when I was alone or when I was with brothers in faith. Though I never talk so much in the crowd but I always regard brothers around me with respect and love. I never forget anyone who came to me and generously entertain me. I wish beloved brothers and sisters around the world firstly safety and good health. May you enjoy your quality time with your beloved ones whether your parents, your siblings, your husbands and wives, your brothers and sisters in faith and your friends regardless religion and background. Don't forget to share the blessings of Ramadan with your non-Muslim friends and treat everyone first as human-being. 

Special prayers for Rauhingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists in Rakhine state of Myanmar. May everyone being guided and receive enlightenment, amin!

Ramadan kareem, Ramadan mubarak.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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