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Science of the Quran: Definition of Science

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

We typically always hear in schools that science should means something like physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics. We were told about Ismai'ili Shi'a Muslim achievements such as of Ibnu Sina without being told that he is a Shi'a Muslim and many people do not really like Shi'a Muslims here though they never befriend one.

It is not that I am an opponent to these sciences but I found that last time it was so intense and we as religious studies students were down-graded to the level that we feel like we were not human and we must be another person which was not us as the result to fit in. I became like I am now because of the situation in society that I have to live in. 

Now, let us see what is meant by science according to Quranic knowledge explanations. Actually this is the introduction of a kitāb that I read titled "The Sciences of Quran" written by Ustad Asmawi Esan. I made notes out of what I had read and listened from teachers so it would not be a stiff translation but from what I understood in those things that I had read. It is actually a habit since I was a young kid...

There are many definitions according to fields of specialization such as philosophy, uūl, linguistics and religious studies. I wish beloved brother Idris could access this. I am doing this apart of it for brothers and sisters in China and those in areas with less Muslim population. I feel that I did not function well because I refuse to speak about religious studies in front of people of diverse background but that does not mean that we leave behind da'awa mission. It is in our blood and heritage.



Defined science as a picture which exists or sparked from the mind of human-being in their assumption of a particular thing, event, situation or anything which he founds or faced. Some philosophers defined it as something which controls the soul and the mind of man-kind in their quest to explore a particular thing.

Uūluddin Specialists

They defined the term science as a nature which a human could achieve the highest position in his life and his affairs if he acquires it. Some defined it with a nature which would possibly determine a person to choose and deciding on something without any doubt though it is only through the usage of common-sense.


Science is defined by these people as something that would be believed and detected through the senses such as being witnessed by physical eyes. If it is not through this way such as the belief on supernatural matters and things that we listened or sam'iyyat could not be assumed as a science. Why? Because these things could not be touched, tasted, watched or witnessed and achieved by human senses. This is the view that we had been taught in schools in our country. It is intensely being focused by government policy in education in order to be a developed country though I fail to see what kind of development being brought so far. A body or a mass without soul has no value at all. It is not a holistic one. How about others in other parts of the world?


Their opinion is that science means the knowledge which is possessed by someone that with it a person could get to know something in the universe.


Define the science as the ability of a person in his quest to know His Creator and in the quest to prove His existence, His deeds to His creations and firming it in their heart.


Basically, these definitions mean that science is an ability on human-being granted by the God which could be used to make assumptions, to discuss and to argue something which has been faced by human-kind in the Earth. In Arabic, it is known as 'Ulūm which is the plural for 'Ilm. It means branches of knowledge since there are many subjects being discussed in the scientific arguments.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!   

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