Saturday, 5 May 2012

List of Haram Foods for Me

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

If we feel that only by taking food or items labelled with Halal "Malaysia" as safe without any knowledge about what is the sources of Shariah Islamiah then I think I should also strictly follow our Hadrami customs (non-Sayyids) regarding food. Even if I touched Muslims like Malays or Indians in this country who are seen as Mualaf as they were converted by our people, I should take bath as they are filthy and not fully clean! Sometimes when we see this kind of people, we kind of feeling irritating. They had stopped us from da'awah missions and seems like trying to monopolize the authority of the Path for them selves!

Haram - Illegal!

1. We should not mix meat with milk and juices of fruits without we see it with our own eyes.
2. We should make sure everything being produced should also been tithed.
3. Food that we don't see how it being prepared should be avoided.
4. No birds of prey.
5. Anything in water that has fin and scales, we can only eat them if we clearly see they have scales and fin.
6. No disgusting fishes like catfish and eel. These are all considered as haram by imams of al-Haramayn not only by Ahlul Bayts and Shi'a Muslims.
7. No camel.
8. No pig.
9. No rabbit.
10. No worm unless if it is inside the fruit and never touches ground.
11. Food with blood in it is haram. I saw fried chicken in mamak's restaurants and some Malay restaurants have blood and not properly cooked. It is haram!
12. No internal organs. Some Malays and Muslim South Indians eat internal organs of animals example hati (liver), limpa (spleen), otak (brain), perut (guts) of cows and sheep. These are all haram!
13. Eating mixed meats in a meal such as mutton or beef with fishes are haram!
14. Human meat is haram! Some Javanese traditional mystics practitioners in Indonesia actually consumed human meat. They had got this tradition from sub-Indian continent Tantra traditions of Vamamargah extreme left-wing.
15. We only eat what we slaughtered and not others even if the slaughterers are "Muslim" because we afraid they did not performed five times obligatory prayers. I used to see my grandfather slaughtered chicken by himself at our village but I never try to do that because I was afraid of looking at blood.
16. No stuffs from elephants, tiger, lion, bear, wild boar, and etc.
17. No prawn.
19. No squid no octopus.
20. No crab any kind of crab are haram!
21. No donation food as it taints the dignity of our ancestors only present food accepted. If friends do not mention them as presents but making it a donation or tithe to us we will have to dump them or giving them to others who need them. Sometimes I feel reluctant to eat at any banquet in masjid because I am afraid of this advice from elders but some of my family members already broken this and looking down at those who practice this. 
22. No alcohol, no tea, no coffee these are for "rich" people. Poor people should not forget their position before Allah.

Halal - Legal!

Only thing that I consumed when I was an undergraduate kid while I was here in Penang except when I was with friends whom were naughty kids as not to offend them. These are foods that I consumed mostly:

1. Pure honey
2. Dates
3. Veggies
4. Rice
5. Plain bread
6. Plain water
7. Spices
8. Milk 

I only bought rice from stalls when I have no alternatives and had finished my dates stock. I eat only dates, bread during Ramadan and drink plain water.  If I have to touch or having no choice but to consume all of those "haram" stuffs I will have to perform "ghusl" and wash everything including my clothes. We just eat to survive. Not eat to build up body or muscles to show to girls or exhibit it to people around as to tell people that we are strong, masculine, etc, hahahahahaha.

So if I start again with our customs do I need to check for Malaysian Halal label at any products and restaurants or seeing whether it is stamped at cooks and waiters forehead? I can't see any Malaysian Halal logo at Mamak's restaurants in Penang here because many of the restaurant which are considered as "halal" at the area of my hostel are Mamak's restaurants. I can't see their halal logogram! Who knows their cook are Hindus and the waiter who touched my food are Hindus. They didn't nail-clipping their nails and I feel disgusted looking at how they handle my rice. They didn't wear gloves. In other areas, the cooks are Indonesians. I checked at the meat they cooked and I found that they violates what I had stated in haram foods for us.      

Anyway, what about the fatawa of smoking as haram?! Anyone including "religious" one who are addicted to it feel guilty or feel sinful for harming others' health and environment with their smokes? Just feeling irritating looking around... Praying Allah 'Azza wa Jalla to give me patience and forgive me my sins and forgive my thoughts.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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