Saturday, 5 May 2012

Optional Weekly Fasting

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

 Hadith on the weekly optional fasting for my own reminder:

1. Narrated from mother 'Aishah radhiallahu 'anha: "Muhammad s.a.w always fast in weekly Monday and Thursday". (Narration of Tirmidzie, hadith chain: hassan sahih).  

2. Abu Hurairah narrated that Muhammad s.a.w had mentioned: "The acts of worship will be presented to the Lord on Mondays and Thursdays. I would love my acts of worship being presented before Him while I am fasting". (Narration of Tirmidzie).

3. Abi Qatadah mentioned that Muhammad s.a.w had answered when being asked about fasting on Mondays. He answered: "That is the day where I was born. That is the day where I was appointed (with the seal of prophethood) and that is the day when Revelation descends upon me". (Narration of Muslim).

Starting this Monday I beg the Lord, please put me back on my nature. I am going to limit the consumption of the food even those prepared by Mutaslim (Islamisized) Malays or Indians especially in Penang Island. They indeed consumed filthy things but still looking at others as if they are holier. So, dear Lord please make me limit my consumption here and may it be my witness that protects me from Your torments in the hereafter. I need to also keep the lists of food which I was forbidden to take not only the food items but also how they are prepared and in what condition they were prepared. 

Emad, you made me a disobedient person!!! Because I listened to your comments on how tiny I was that I tried to keep a mass and tried to eat! I am a Mawladi Hadrami, not a Palestinian. Even if people tyrannize us, we don't show to people how we defend ourselves or trying to look strong or weak. We don't lament in front of people in media like Palestinians! We only depend on our Protector and King, Allah the Most Majestic.

Another two weeks to Rajab month, among the holiest months. I am aware about the status of the hadith. It is classified as weak sometimes due to the the narrators' status of the hadith. I would be fasting in the month according to the counting of Sunnah of Monday and Thursdays. It is not obligatory! Only applies on individuals and others may choose not to perform it or to perform it as Allah promised His servants that He will never let anything for Him goes in vain. We don't spread weak hadith to people. But we don't condemn people as if we are so knowledgeable. The Real Possessor of the Knowledge is our Lord, Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. That is the morality and manner when we know something. We don't self-claim as if we are full of authority on the wisdom.

Need to buy some dates and spices from Arab stall near the masjid. I am not going to buy anything from the 7E with Malay cashiers down here especially if I see the poyo Malay guy in charge and limiting my time downstairs. Feel bored looking at people face after something happened last night.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love amin!

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