Sunday, 15 April 2012

Repentance: Salat at-Tawbah

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I don't know if I had posted this. I don't care this is a reminder for me to repent to Him. I think while living in this area of Bukit Gambir I had eaten doubtful foods and also haram foods. There is no Malay restaurant here. Usually I only believe Malay restaurant. If I can't find Malay restaurant I can't also eat in Indian Muslim restaurant I am not familiar with their food so I sometimes have to take Chinese food as to avoid from stomach ache. When I try to eat anything now I feel like vomiting. Any musalla or masjid brother who knows me please forgive me if I just don't spend time with you people. I care about you people I don't want to spoil your appetite. It is so torturing. Allah orders and commands me and brothers and sisters to repent. He says in the message of glorious Quran surah at-Tahrim verse 8: "O the faithful ones, repent to Allah with the "true" repentance".

Allah opens up the portal of hopes for His servants and slaves and says: "Say (dear Muhammad): "O My servants who had stepped over the limit tyrannizing themselves do not lose hope from the mercy of Allah. Indeed Allah is all-forgiving to all of your sins. Indeed He is all-forgiving and the Most compassionate" (Surah az-Zumar v. 53). 

How to Perform It?

Just like normal prayer services. Ablution like always with perfect ablution. Stand at a clean place facing the qiblah.

1. Time: any time when one feels had committed sins except in the time prohibited to perform any prayer services. The most good time is at 2/3 night which is around 2:00 above while waking up for salat. 

2. Intention: "I perform this salat sunat at-tawbah two units of prayer only for Allah". Just enough by mentally reciting it or according to our school of jurisprudence.

3.First unit of prayer, it is optional to recite the iftitah supplication and followed by al-Fatihah. After that recite any surah in glorious Quran that we could remember.

4. In the second unit final prostration or the second prostration, recite the supplication of Jonah a.s 40 times in order to ask for forgiveness from Allah followed by the sincerity to repent: "There is no gods but only the God/Allah, indeed I am among those cruel people". It is ok to mentally recite the supplication in our language if we could not remember the Arabic sounds as long as we recite other obligatory prayers and supplications in Arabic.

5. After the salaam, recite the sayyidul istighfar or the lord of all repentance/the main repentance supplication. It could be found in brothers' and sisters' mission orders prayer books or in ma'athurat stamped by local religious departments. It means: "Dear Allah, You are my Lord, there is no one except You who created me, and I am your slave (not slave to fellow human, genies, demons, money, women, men, property, etc), and I am bound to Your covenant and Your promises and obeying them as possible as I can. I seek refuge from my evil deeds. I admit all of the grace are from You. I confess my sins to You. Nobody forgives my sins except You".    

Insha Allah I will always perform this optional prayer services. I also recommend my dear brothers and sisters to always perform this to purify ourselves and asking forgiveness from Allah. We commit sins everyday whether we notice it or not. Sometimes when people turning away from me, I know that I had committed sins. In the beginning I might be very sad and it actually makes me thinking deeper and trying to find faults in myself. When I realize it I actually do not blame anyone. So, I always ask forgiveness from Allah. I also wanted to ask forgiveness to people around from brothers and sisters if I sinned you people. I will be sad if people do not tell me what is my wrong-doing. I am just human-being like you, I am not an angel nor a genie. If I did wronged you, please inform me don't be shy. I am not a person who quickly lost temper but I appreciate people who tell me what is wrong. I always explain things to people as to avoid misunderstanding though I don't speak much.       

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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