Sunday, 15 April 2012

Remembering Death

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

How could you disobey Allah while you were dead (yet to be born), and later He makes you alive. After that he makes you dead and soon resurrecting you (in the hereafter). Eventually, you will be returned to Him (for the compensation of your deeds) (Surah al-Baqarah v. 28). 

Narration from Tirmidzie: Prophet Muhammad s.a.w says: "An intelligent person is a person who uphold himself with the preparation for the life after death. An imbecile (idiot) person is a person who let his desires to control his self but hoping that his prayers and ambitions being granted by Allah".

Explanation of the Hadith

1. We are obliged to respect fellow human such as parents, wife, husband, children, relatives and neighbors through charity, keeping our speeches away from hurting them (being polite) and assuming good things about them according to our different level of capabilities. We must also respect ourselves.

2. Death will certainly reaching everyone. It does not matter whether we are a king or a president of a country. Whether we are a Jew or a Muslim. Everybody who is known as human will soon be dead. Allah says through the tongue of our noble prophet in glorious Quran: "Every thing which possess soul will be dead" (surah al-Anbiyaa v. 34). The significance for those who always remember death is that he multiplies his charity and good deeds in his whole life.     

3. The most good effort is the struggle to fight desires and trying hard to enhance one's characteristic. Controlling desires will eventually making it easy to control one's attitude and behavior according to the guidelines of the sharia and the path.

4. Every good deed will be influencing one's prayer and supplications to Allah. In other words, Allah will never let the prayers of His faithful servants who are always in charity to be wasted in vain.

Prohibition to Ask for Death

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w says: "Never ever one of you have the ambition to die due to disasters befallen him. If the situation and condition is forcing one to ask for death, ask it indirectly by saying: "Ya Allah, make me alive if this life is still beneficial for me and let me die if death is beneficial for me" (narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

i) A faithful Muslim is strictly prohibited to ask for death because he feels bored and could not bear the suffer of the disaster which befallen him. On the other hand, he should take the disaster befallen him as a "test" and accepting it with pleasure. The process is actually very painful, dear brothers and sisters. No teachers taught me this. I had many times encounter this. I believe other people are also facing this. 

ii) Indeed every test is also a kaffarah (elimination) of ones sins and errors of the person befallen with disaster. Allah is teaching us that we need to face it with pure patience and He will write the merits of the good deeds as a gratuity.

iii) Allah is the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful. He will never leave His servants alone in the difficulties as long as His servant always remember Him and dependently submitting his self to Him in all conditions and situations.

Dear brothers and sisters, I have no capability to approach you one by one but just reminding everyone including myself please do not forget obligatory five daily prayers. I am begging you and also begging myself. It is for your future and I always wish happiness and success for all of you. Please also wish me happiness and success and hereafter, pray for me. Thank you dear brothers and sisters who are stepping in this meaningless side and those who had been my friend and helped me, may Allah bless you always you people are in my prayers with love.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love amin! 

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