Thursday, 12 April 2012

Friday Prayers and Supplications

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Just a reminder for myself. It's not intended to others. Urm...... I dunno how to only private this post :'(

Narrated by Abu Hurairah r.a: Prophet Muhammad s.a.w talked about Friday and he said: "There is an hour on Friday and if a believer Muslim gets it while offering salat and asks something from Allah AWJ, then Allah will definitely meet his prayers". And prophet Muhammad s.a.w pointed out the shortness length of that particular time with his hands. - Sahih Bukhari

Understandings about the time:

1. From the time the imam enters the masjid on Friday's prayer until the prayer is over, in addition between two sermons. 
2. Others said that it is the last hour of the day which is after 'Asr prayer until Maghrib prayer services.

Our people hold the second understanding because the time of sermon we must pay our focus and attention for the sermon and following the supplications of the imam by heart. Usually I will tidy up my room in Friday morning, shower for Friday prayer service and after prayer service, lit up incense before walking to masjid, get something to eat in 'Asr and turn off all the electricity while waiting for Maghrib service as to remind ourselves that we were poor people who used to live in darkness and we only have candle sticks or oil lamp with us. If we have friend or at least a roommate, I will actually share with people around my bread and recite prayers or blessings for them through the salawat for prophet Muhammad s.a.w as to ask Allah to grant blessing for brothers because I am actually trying to begin the lessons of scripture (Glorious Quran memorization and checking) and other traditions. I try also to ask people around to check my recitation but I guess maybe they will be afraid when I begin the checking and closing it with some "weird" ceremonies and supplications. Weird for them but not weird for me.

Last time when I did this to my Kelantanese Malay roommates. They ran away from me and complaining to friend who always mingle with me though they were my roommate because they think I am worshiping satan, lol. People are so funny and that is why I am not comfortable with Malay or other South East Asian Muslims. They assume me as a "Malay" while our customs and traditions differ and I actually feel more comfortable with non-Muslims because they never run away from me. This is just our traditions and also customs. I was so sad because people do not tolerate differences in term of culture. For example when I was with my undergraduate roommate Zaidi, I just put my bread and some water as a service on his table because he was also afraid of me. He was a member of Islamic brotherhood student movement in our institution and I respect him so much. I used to ask him why he was running from me? Am I a monster or something? We are of the same age and I apologized many times for what I had done to him. It was just a formality for us to check people we are mingling with and being our habit :'(

I don't know about other Hadramis but I am still maintaining this. After I realized my errors as a young youth I perform again whatever had be done by elders. I can't put personal supplications and prayers here. It is not for others and people who view here are of different backgrounds. People must learn from basics and with guidance from teachers and mentors. Just reminding me to respect holy day which is Friday and sanctify it. 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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