Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pilgrimage Lesson: Conditions for Hajj Pilgrimage

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Early this morning I just want to reflect in the conditions for pilgrimage. Brothers and sisters, I am sure everyone know pilgrimage to holy Mecca is one of the pillars of Islam. We must learn about this all of our life because it is a necessity for us. It is a mirror of the life of patriarch Ibrahim a.s and his son Isma'el a.s with our mother Hagar

For pilgrimage, we have two kinds of it. The first one is Hajj which is the major pilgrimage usually according to season and specifically in the month of Zulhijjah while the lesser one is known as 'Umrah which could be performed at any time of the year or together with Hajj.

What are Conditions for Hajj?

According to Hanbali Madzhab there are about seven conditions to perform Hajj with one addition for ladies. They are:

1. One must be a Muslim

A non-Muslim should not enter the area of Mecca and Medina. The testimony of faith with its complete condition is a pre-condition to be a Muslim. 

2. Maturity

A child who performs hajj will transfer the blessings to his parents as the efforts come from his parents that makes him perform the pilgrimage. When he reached his puberty, he must perform it again. His pilgrimage when he was a little kid is accepted but it was not sufficient because the blessings are for his parents. 

3. Sanity

One must be sane in order to perform the pilgrimage. If one is insane, it is not an obligation for him to continue with the pilgrimage.

4. Freedom

A man must be free from slavery to perform the pilgrimage.

5. Healthy

A person who is sick, bed-ridden and not well are not obliged to perform pilgrimage.

6. Financially supported for food and shelter

A person who perform pilgrimage needs money as a tool for plane ticket, food and accommodation. Also for plane and bus ticket to go to the places in order to perform the pilgrimage.

7. Perform Hajj on behalf of the old, sick and the dead

For these people, it is permissible for a person who had already performed pilgrimage for himself to perform it again for others who are in old, sick and already passed away. This condition is agreed by all four honorable imams. It is illegal or haram to perform hajj for others while one is still not performing it for himself. Some people also are taking the burden to perform hajj for others because they are paid specifically for this. No evidence in the Quran and Sunnah saying that it is haram. According to Shariah, everything is halal unless if it is proven haram. Principle of jurisprudence says that everything which leads to haram is haram. So, when I saw an Indian Muslim or Mamak in Penang sneezing in my fried noodle before he give it to me at a restaurant I did not take the noodle as it is haram and I might be infected with diseases for example meningitis. It is according to this principle so please avoid lower estimate us as unorthodox when our method of performing da'awa is unorthodox or not according to movements. Another example is when there is a necessity for one to take 'pork' because there is only pork to be consumed and other food is not there (I am not saying it as halal!!!), if one trying to avoid it and he dies, he will be counted as committing suicide.

8. Mahram to assist a woman to perform hajj

A woman need a mahram or a male company for her which is from her family member such as her younger brother, father, uncle, older brother, nephew, and etc. Mahram means a person who is forbidden to marry a woman because of family ties. Hajj of a group of women is accepted. Hajj performed by a woman is also accepted but she had violated this condition. 

I wish my brother and friend, Azren a safe journey for 'umrah in holy Mecca. He will be departing at 15:00 today. I can't wait to listen to his experience too. Pilgrimage to Mecca is always in my heart although I had also committed errors because I was ignorant. Life experience is a good teacher too. I would like to thank the Lord for helping me going through the life sometimes I feel so weak and crying always to Him as I feel myself as a useless man. I wanted to establish relationship with society but for now I guess it is not the time yet. Every thing has its 'time', so do myself. Urm, I am also registering again to perform the Hajj pilgrimage simply to clear my sins of ignorance. Now I am also learning about it again and trying to pay the sentence. Already save a little for this and hoping to fine a suitable job just for me to get tool to work for Him. Urm other than that if the reader is a Shafi'ie madzhab follower, please check it with your school of jurisprudence. If you're from Hanafi madzhab also please check it with your teachers on the conditions.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love amin!   

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