Monday, 13 February 2012

Feeling Bad

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I read the news since yesterday and I noticed this news about this young man who tried to fled his country after his statements posted in Twitter. This is why I hate to post anything in social network site and internet. It could be manipulated by politicians and monarchs. He actually reminds me to my self before I repent. I learned that he was not a secular person but graduated from Islamic studies school of King Abdul Aziz University. And he is always alone or a loner without any friend. It is very challenging to be a loner. We have to face three general enemies. Our own evil self, satan, and people around who do not understand us.

First of all, I do not support his statement about noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w. But we should also never portray fake "love" to prophet Muhammad s.a.w while our akhlak (morality) is not as noble as him. Perhaps the young man was so depressed until he posted something like that. We do not know what is his problem so we should hold for a moment any perception or judgement in view to him. In this matter, as for me, rather than punishing him. He should first being investigated in accompaniment with psychologist and brought to see religious teachers to talk. Surely, religious teacher must have mercy and compassionate toward people. Treating people with love and never insult people though people insulted them. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had also faced persecutions when he ''insulted' idolatry in his society before he gained support through Allah's Mercy. He was also insulted and injured because he was stoned in Tayf while calling people to worship Allah alone. What he did to those who stoned him?

I read about many people who are "religious" but deflected from the Path instead of reading news about reverts to Islam. For example a Tabligh Jama'at member in Egypt for 20 years, Eng. Bahaa el-Din Hussein al-Akkad, who converted to Coptic Orthodox Church. It happened in 2005 when he was arrested by secret agents of his country and I do not know what happened to him now (Compass Directnews). In 18th C, a member of Naqshabandi Tariqa known as Sheikh Ahmed Barzany from Iraq-Kurdestan had also converted to Oriental Orthodox Christianity during the Revolution. I checked in the wiki to make sure those are the names and they are the same names. I also found about other "apostates" such as the person who shot Pope John Paul II and he also converted to RC when he was arrested. Ironically, you hate a person so much, but later you love him including his religion. That's why elderly always say: "Don't love a person (human and creature) so much because who knows that he would be your enemy in the future. Don't hate people so much, perhaps he would be the one you would love so much in the future."

What I would like to emphasize here is that, we should never be proud with the Mercy of Allah but always pray may He retain our soul and spirit in His Path, the Path of our father, Abraham a.s. Instead of checking of revert news to Islam, why not also check what happened to those in Islam reverted to other faiths or simply becoming agnostic? Later, syok sendiri and staying in comfort zone while others reverting. This is not about others but about our selves. Try check what are these people who go to other faiths problems and issues? Ask them, personally talk with them. I had also experienced this and I don't know what will happen in the future because the ultimate test in the living world is at the deathbed. Certainly people have problem, do people care to know about their problem but only to punish others? 

As for me, I just pray for the young man to be forgiven and blessed with His Compassionate Mercy of Guidance. I pray that the young man would be forgiven by the Saudi court. Islam is the religion of the poor. Many of the early revert to Islam during the period of Muhammad s.a.w early prophethood in holy Mecca were slaves and servants, those who were oppressed. We are those who were oppressed by idolater leaders, governments, environment around and we must be patient with His tests. This world is the test for us.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin! 

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