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Domestic Remedies: Headache, Cough, Hemorrhoid

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

 Malabar Nut

Urmm, I admit that this is non-Sunnah and its more to traditional medication. So, any Salafi self-claiming brothers who wanted to blast us for using stuffs from Hindu-Buddhist scriptures, we don't care a bit and would never feel offended at all. I'm quite familiar with Hindu's medications though some researches show that it's not safe. I used to practiced them all when I secretly studied Buddhism and tried to practice the tenets of dharmma (responsibility). We don't judge people, we don't low-estimate people. We admit that we are low creatures before Allah A.W.J. Allah would just make us infidels if He is Willing and so on. We should never be arrogant thinking that Guidance would always be with us without any du'a but looking at others as we are holier.

Urmm, who cares what people wanted to view us. This is how poor people like us survive because free medical treatment is not always easy to be accessed and when we go to clinics we have to also wait many people before getting to our turn. While getting to our turn, perhaps we would fell collapsed. We should also find the way to lessen the burden of administration and we're not as rich as Saudi Arabians where their government supporting even the surgery for 70 years old man's genital to get marry to 17 years old girl. This is no created stuffs because my third sister is a nurse in Saudi Arabian public hospital.   

For domestic diseases such as headache, cough, and hemorrhoid... We just use stuffs that we can see in our kitchen. Since our climate here is the same with the climate in Southern India so we could also get the access to the same stuffs or almost the same stuffs. I'm just sharing it here for fun and wishing it benefits other brothers and sisters only if it brings no doubt to brothers and sisters. I would never mention about Sunnah if the stuffs have nothing to do with Quran and Sunnah but mentioning them as native traditions because stuffs like ginger and Malabar Nut Leaves are those stuffs created by Allah for us in the region according to climate.



Two dried gingers
A cup of milk

How to do it?

Pound gingers with mortar. Mix just enough milk into the ginger portion to lessen the effect of ginger on skin. After the portion is ready just paste it at the forehead. Use your hand so you know how much to paste it on the forehead. Leave it for 20 minutes but 30 minutes for serious case. The thicker the portion, the easier it is to be pasted on the forehead. Patient must sleep in the period before the paste gets dried.



5 pieces of Malabar nut leaves 
Vessel to keep the juice

How to do it?

Smoke the leaves one by one on the medium fire at our stove until it soften. Put leaves on a clean plate and sprinkle some water. Pluck off the stalk from the leaves. Then fold leaves one by one and press it with our hand to get drops of juice from the leaves into a vessel. Put five drops of honey into the juice. This one is for a dose. Take it morning and evening so everyday we would have it twice. It's good for those who spit blood with the thick gel. Last time I had also prescribed one of my colleague with this but we could not find the Malabar Nut leaf. It could be founded in this country too other than Himalayan Mountainous range. It's Hindu name is Wassak. I don't know its name in other Indian languages except Sanskrit. Luckily his cough was not that bad so it's enough with plain honey that I bought in Tesco. These spices are important for me, I would keep them always with me.



5-6 red little onions
Ghee or coconut oil

How to do it?

Cut each onion into five to six pieces. Just cut it in any way that we like. Put them into the pot and stir it with a spoon of ghee or could be substituted with coconut oil. Little onions stop the internal bleeding. We could not use the big onion because that one is for cooking. Little one has medicinal value. Don't add any other spices or salt or sugar inside the portion made. This one is only for a dose. Take it twice. Don't eat it with other side dishes. It would take a patient three days to fully recover.

What I Think? 

School never teach us these. I just learned them by listening and asking people around. Later I checked them in Hindu-Buddhist scriptures in libraries based on descriptions given. I never found this in Biology textbooks that I borrowed to read. Many of my notes were lost while we moved because we always move. I remember that I had notes about tenets of Buddhadharmma and Brahmanism, teachings of Theravada traditions, Bali-Sanskrit terms, Yogacharah, Phanawa or forest tradition which is a strict teaching for monasticism in wilderness, Montras and Kathas, temple diagrams, Mudra for mental image if I can't open up Guru image, pictures of Guru (Buddha) for personal prayers in which I kept a little one in my wallet after I recited the three gems and others. This is before I began to realize that I am a Muslim, haha. I put everything inside a box and bury it somewhere at my old house before we moved away just after I recited shahadah (testimony of faith), performing prayers and supplication for Guidance and Mercy and I began to perform daily prayers again, later then I performed the pilgrimage to Holy Mecca.  

So, this is just a sharing for fun. It just popped out of my mind after I see my little sister is coughing...  I feel annoyed to see people in sickness, I wish it benefits those who are in sickness. This has nothing to do with religion but it's just apart of health care. I don't practice any more other tenets of previous belief but trying to strictly be in compliance with Quran and Sunnah emphasizing on the basis of Shariah Islamiah.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!!!

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