Thursday, 26 January 2012

Discussing about Turban and Sunnah

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Last night I had talked with mum about wearing the turban and sunnah or our prophetic tradition. Though I would always being criticized for not being loyal to our school of jurisprudence but I respect the people and the imam who initiate the school of jurisprudence.

We came to the discussion where I expressed my surprise to see some younger people wearing turban. In my understanding, those who wear turban must be people who are initiated by a teacher or a peer. He must be a person who possess sufficient exterior and interior knowledge of the Path which could answer people who have doubt in their heart over their affairs and matters. Exterior knowledge is related to the school of jurisprudence and the interior is a bit deeper knowledge which could not be transmitted except with a teacher. Surprisingly, mum also has the same opinion. She told me about her experience in our village, the people who wear the turban with high hill on his head and with the tail usually signify a certain meaning beside that it is a sunnah. It is not only a sunnah but signifying something.

Chuanr Yie Dian Lee

I checked videos from fellow brothers in China and it is also the same where they also have the ceremony called as chuanr yie dian lee or wearing the robe for initiation as imams. We call this one in our lingo as chuanr jiash. These people look like our people here, I mean in term of practices but they are from Southwestern part of China which is Yunnan. Small portion of these people actually reside in Northern Thailand, Myanmar and Kelantan in Malaysia, hehehe. They recite everything loudly which is a bit different from those in a bit North. Some Northern "Malays" also consider Yunnanese as their fellow people. I don't know why...

I wish and pray that there would be no fight or quarrel among each of us. No matter whether we are from Qadimu, Khafiyyah, Qadiri or Jahriyyah we are the same brothers and sisters in faith where we have the faith toward Allah and His messenger and servant slave, Muhammad bin Abdullah. Don't hurt anyone but tolerate each other. Treat everyone with love, ok?

Special gratitude to brother SufiChina's Channel for videos.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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