Friday, 27 January 2012

More than 1000 Sunans

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I thought that I would have to change my camera's reader card. Thankful to Allah, it does not have to be changed so I saved my money. However, I bought three books in the form of little treatise where two of them are intended for offerings to my brother in faith in the hostel. Friday sermon today mentioned that we must be thankful to brothers and sisters who help us. So, thank you brother. I burdened you after Friday prayer services for few weeks. I am grateful to you for giving me a ride though you were busy with evening classes. It is actually a great help. I will remember it always and regard it as an honor to receive your assistance : )

1. More than 1000 Daily Sunans, Sheikh Khalid al-Husaynan
2. Cure for the Heart, Muhammad Afif bin Yahya of Perlis
3. The Majestic 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, Shafiq Trading

The third book is intended for brother to receive blessings from Allah because helping me. I feel that I am filthy and not qualified to pray for others so I wish that brother who will receive it could pray and recite it for his own well-being and success in both world and hereafter. Just thinking on how to offer these to the brother without being noticed nor being known. If I could offer gold, I would also present it with gold but I am just a poor guy. I think I am interested in the More than 1000 Daily Sunans. Unfortunately, I only found a copy there because it is a bestselling treatise. I wanted to keep one for myself as a personal reference for practices. Anyone know whether it is sold in KL or Penang's MPH or other bookstores? Please help telling me where could I get it from nearest outlet if anyone passing by may Allah bless, thank you...

p.s: long time do not drive, I drive like a drunk man hahahahaha

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin! 

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