Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cure for the Heart: Second Section on Ears

In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

Behold that there are few benefits of the creation of ears on you whether it is worldly in nature or for the hereafter, dear human!

Worldly Benefits of Ears' Examples

1. Listening to words and sounds
2. Through listening to words, human comes to comprehension
3. Human would be responsive to words

Hereafter Benefits of the Ears' Examples

1. Listening to Quran and Hadiths of prophet Muhammad s.a.w
2. Listening to any beneficial lessons which could lead everyone toward Him

Listening is more favorable than looking at something due to that the benefits of the hereafter of listening is much larger than the looking at something. Most of the benefits that the eyesight gives human are of the worldly benefits. Thus, you will find that those who are blind are more perfect compared to those who are deaf. The beginning of being grateful to the Lord on the grace of listening is through avoiding from what the Lord forbids us to listen. 

What are examples on what He forbids us to listen? 

1. Slanders
2. Gossips
3. Listening to young women voice and the same goes to women listening to young men to avoid slanders
4. Listening to pointless debates and arguments
5. Listening to musical instruments which are forbidden due to that they may cause carelessness in worship for example listening to flute and other instruments (refer to sunnah and slowly changing don't be too drastic)
6. Listening to words which consist sinful remarks and worthless because they may cause doubts in the heart

Words that we listen are like food. Some are nutritional and some are harmful for health like junk foods though they taste nice. Some words could also be antidote for diseases just like few types of spices. Words would leave marks in the heart longer than the food stays in the stomach. Food would just disappear, digested and absorbed by body system such as intestines through human daily activities like sleeping and etc. If there are some leftover undigested food, we could still get some laxatives to digest them. However, word being cast in the heart are different. Sometimes they would remain there the whole life of the listeners. If those words fallen in the heart of the listeners are evil words, they would always cause doubts, slanders, and even worse larger destruction.

So, a sane person must be very careful and protect his or her body parts before being questioned and investigated in the hereafter during the Resurrection as what has been mentioned by the Lord:   

"Indeed the listening and the eyesight and the heart will be questioned in the Resurrection!" (Surah al-Israa' verse 36)

Dear Allah my beloved Lord, please protect my body parts. They are not mine but Yours. I don't have anything here even my soul is Your belongings. Please lead me into the light but banish darkness in me and around, dear Lord. Protect brothers and sisters in faith, and forgive us our sins.Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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