Wednesday, 25 January 2012

CNY: Baling Town 2012

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


Baling is a province in Kedah state. It is a neighboring province with Betong of Thailand. So, we could also listen some Southern Thai dialect being spoken here alongside with Northern Malay dialect. I love this place although it's not as nice as London, Melbourne or NY... Last time we talked about this town among fellow Kedahan friends when we chat about our provinces and territories. This is the place where I get my driving license and it is a peaceful town, hehe.

Baling Bus Station 

Quite rare buses, sehari sebijik bas berulang pi mai sini... hahahahahaa...........

Baling Town Fire Department

As to say, we are very proud of our sultanate and state. We love it and we show it through flags and our lifestyle : )

Baling Hill

Natt Baling

We call bazaar as natt in our regional language. This one is a weekly bazaar in the town where it could be divided into few sections such as food and cake stalls, vegetables and greens, clothes and daily stuffs, meat and fishes, religious books, medicine and ointments and etc.... 

Natt Food Stall

Usually they sell drinks and light foods like noodles, chendoi and stuffs. The second pic is actually the pic of Thai speaking family. They speak Southern Thai dialect which is actually identical to our grammar but only the words are substituted into Thai, hahaha.

Foods at Natt

Many interesting foods but we just tried these noodles. The first one is Laksa and the second one is Mee Hoon Sup. These noodles are Chinese influenced but being different in term of ingredients used like Laksa's gravy is made of fish. I don't eat it anyway but I would tolerate the smell for other family member because not all are the same in a house : )

Dried Seafood Section

This section is for dried seafood like dried squid, dried fish, dried anchovies of different grades, spices, onions, garlic, and etc.

Pure Honey

Pure honey or mesan lebah. I am still afraid of those bees though they are not flying around after sunken in the liquid.



Some kitabs or books in Jawi script. People will buy these kitabs and learn many things such as morality, law of the life, and etc from these through teachers explanation in the madrasas around. It is called as menadah kitab which means begging with the books. I planned to also do this when I finish everything during my free time. The books such as cure for the heart was bought in this kind of bazaar. It does not cost a lot but just few ringgits. We just have to analyze the sentences in the books because it used Arabic influenced Malay language and it could be quite difficult to understand them.

Restoran Roti Canai Buhari

Lil Sis and Me

Minat sunggoh hang dok begambarq laguni noh, chemuih sangat aihhhh!!!!


My camera is not working after we returned from Petrijaya at Jalan Kulim. It's reader card having a problem and I don't know what is the reason. I tried to fix it but still does not work. I've got to ask the shop where I get it on how to fix it. It's the camera that I bought to do coverage for local newspaper as a stringer here but I didn't get the salary because I quit few days later after having transportation problem and I don't think I am suitable to be a reporter as dad's wish : ( 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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