Monday, 7 November 2011

Saudi Arabia Grand Mufti Aidul Adha Sermon 2011

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Just read some part of the sermon in an online Saudi news delivered by Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh during Aidul Adha service in Arafat during the wuquf (standing) event. I guess in general it is good for everyone. It calls for nature as the solution. 

I plead brothers and sisters, please do some conceptual work in English or in any other European language that you know either German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, or anything on your own. I feel nauseated when reading their "scholarly" articles or comments around and we can't just depend on their works while our set of mind is different from them and human are unique creatures of the God. We can't expect ourselves to be the same to each other in term of thought, right? 

In personal, I think Westerners are arrogant and boastful like their civilization are the only tip-top civilization ever. This is what happened when we have narcissism in ourselves. It's like the devil who was fond of himself until he looks down to others and care only about himself. When he was downgraded, he became a rebel to the Most Merciful and that was caused by his own choice and selfishness. In this summary of metaphysical event, I do not intend to insult the devil because he is a fellow creature but we take this as a boundary as we also have the possibility to be like him...

Essence of the Sermon

The essence of the sermon is that, the mufti said, we solve problems without seeking interference from external powers (political involvement). Beware and not to provoke hostility between ourselves and leaders. Islam (the nature) is the solution for the problems of everyone. Be conscious that we must filter input from media and cultural invasion through globalization which weaken the faith of believers.

Rulers and leaders of countries with major Muslim population should not oppress the people but to help them leading noble and dignified life. A duty of a Muslim leader is to maintain justice and fight corruption. Leaders priority should be the welfare of people.  

It also needs people cooperation in order to solve crime and problems in society. Obey the law and rule that benefits society and we love good leaders who devote themselves for the betterment of society and working with the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah.

Government officials please avoid bribery and nepotism. We are now passing through challenging and dangerous periods. Situation sometimes makes us have to flee from our homes. Everyone must think about the ways to get out of crisis in the best manner. Islam (the nature) denounce terror, violence, extremism, fanaticism, bloodshed and destruction as it is justice and rights.  

I think these also applies to non-Muslim and every sane human-being. Ones does not have to be a Muslim to obey rules and regulation while every country in the world today have their set of rules and regulation, right? Important thing to note for all human-being regardless Muslim or non-Muslim, get rid of attachment toward money, power, filthy mind, filthy speech and those material which brings heart and soul diseases. These things are the root which should be understood as bringing instability in the world. Leaders don't only expect people to cooperate while they are not cooperating on their part because there are give and take, pull and push factors... For Muslims who submits ourselves to the God, we live according the nature that the Glorious God grants to us so we must make sure that the equilibrium within the universe is maintained.  

Dear Lord, please bless everyone with Mercy and Love. Bless every creature no matter those who submit to You or those who do not submit to You. Let Peace reign everywhere in the space and time dear Lord. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin! 

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