Sunday, 6 November 2011

Beautiful South Thai

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

If those who were born and maintain relation with the state in northern Malaysian Peninsula like Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, and Northern Perak, they would also find it hard to resist from the influence which coming from neighboring states in neighboring country which is Thailand...

This song was actually produced during the Southern Thai insurgency in Pattani and Yalar provinces during the administration of Mr. Thaksin Shinawat. I have nothing against Mr. Shinawat nor any leader in Thailand. Even we Muslim outside of Thailand border actually respect Thai emperor, Mahagasatr Bhumibal just like we respect the Sultan who lead our state and we would kick those who insult him or his consort. This song was sung by Southern Thai artists whom are Luang Gai and Jiep Benjabarn. Luang Gai is a Muslim while Benjabarn is a Buddhist.

When I stayed in late grandparents' house during weekend off, I just tuned to Thai radio station and sleep beside radio because I felt bored being there alone while grandparents doing their chores around or taking a nap in the noon. I didn't really pray like a Muslim when I was 13 years old and I would hide myself during prayer times while we were in the madarasah, hahahaa. 

This song actually encourages Southern Thais to maintain unity and co-exist in peace since we are brothers and sisters. Our state was once almost being integrated into a Thai province in Southern Thai too while one of our territory which is Satun (Setul) had already being an integrated part of Southern Thai province. These singers are using Southern Thai dialect, it's not Central Thai dialect used in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. We share great deals of similarity with them outside the border there, hahaha. When we went to Thailand whether in Dannok or Bangkok, we would speak using Southern Thai dialect unless if the people speak to us in Malay.

I remember during lexicography project during first degree, I used this song as a project and the lecturer for this course, Dr. Aniswal is also a Kedah person but she had been living in London for many years so her Malay or Kedahan Malay sound quite different in accent even when she tried to speak in Malay. Well, I understand her situation and she's a nice person who does not boast around even when she lived there in Britain because we love our state no matter where we are. I used to use Thai model for our interpreting project where most of colleagues using well-known languages such as Swedish, French, Arabic, and other Caucasoid languages but we only use a modest language which is Thai and we didn't record it in video but simply talking whatever we had in our mind, lol. It was so hilarious when I played a character as a Tuk Moh Siam (Thai shaman) speaking to a Malay patient (Birshahman) with Amir as my interpreter. I don't know whether lecturer was laughing because I felt quite ashamed speaking in Southern Thai dialect in front of people who didn't speak the language. Whatever it is, we passed the course so it can flow down the stream, hahahahaa.... 

I heard that there are Dai people in Southern China... I guess in Jinghung city or Sipsongbanna of Yunnan province. They speak the language resembles Thai and Lao. Cultural traits are almost the same too with Theravada Buddhism and support of Gathin offerings by the emperor of Thailand. I used to listen to some videos where those people conversing in their language and I could more or less understand them, haha.

It's rainy season now and I don't know what happened to those in Bangkok. I also wish that Southern Thai do not being hit by flood because it will sure affect our states up here. If we have more sustenance with us, we may also help those in Thailand and Cambodia with some donation.   

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!   

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