Sunday, 6 November 2011

Aidul Adha 2011: Little Walk, Tekun Desa

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

These ones are pics taken yesterday. It was quite pleasant when the climate turns a bit colder after rain. And there were not so many people so I can capture pictures without being seen. Feel uncomfortable when people looking at us snapping here and there, hahaha.  

Campus Site

Moss (Bryophyte) along the pavement just at Fajar Harapan without roof' bus stand

Padang Kawat or marching field where police and army students marching during their activities. I used to drink canned tea and coffee or having some snacks here alone at night when I was in second and third year degree. Then watching at the moon or stars. I wasn't really hanging around with my colleague, Amir though we used to chat about many things. He lives in Jitra in Kedah so everyweek he could return home while I have to stay alone and thinking what should I do while I was alone... : )

Main bus stand for those who live at the hostels across the road to take commuter bus to classes

Climb these stairs at the bus stand to the flyover to RST hostel complexes, picture senget sikit rasa macam nak terbalik pulak, hahaha

 Flyover if we do not want to wait for traffic light in front of Bukit Gambir road

RST Complex Site 

RST complex with the hill as its background. I just imagined myself spending my time in Bhutan while looking at the hill, hehehhe

Desa Universiti with shop lots view from flyover, there you're Khaleel and Roti Bakar restaurants with Maju Jaya and 7E convenient store.

Reaching down the flyover, yeahhhh take some deep breath!!!! 

Cross the road, I don't know what to call this road, maybe it's called as Jalan desa Tekun

It's trying to warm itself, such a cute creature

Neighboring houses, nice architecture

Tekun Hostel Complex

Am not sure what is this construction for, but it seems like bus stand with roof

Welcome to desasiswa Tekun and Housing Unit, it's just upstairs

Climb stairs and... Hey, cats I hate to show my affection to them when people are there but I would hug them when I am alone, these creatures are cute animals... hahahaha

Thank you elevator, it brings me up this skyscraper

This is my hive, the first room that I could see is Raof and Badi'ozaman's room. Raof is from Sri Lanka and Badio is from Serawak, our Northern Borneo compatriot

Astaghfirullah, is this a room or a tongkang pechah????! ahahaha dulu... deh!!! hahahahaaha.....
Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!!!

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