Monday, 28 November 2011

Love to the God Love Everyone - Huda

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Special thanks to video maker myiera04 and singers 

While trying to finish up the assignment about European Language Issue and Policy, I listened to the song by Huda sisters. Feel quite tensed and trying to recite some verses to speak with Him too. The song is in Malay and titled Sayang-Sayang which means Love. It's basically the advice for children to love everyone. I can't remember when did I first listen to this, hahaha. Last time, I feel nothing when listening to this. But when I am pressured like this I only rewind everything in my mind.

The lyrics more or less says... 

Love the God, love the prophet... Love father, love mother... Love the God, love the prophet, love the father and mother, dear the God.

Let us little brothers and sisters listen to this advise. Check on our attitude don't be arrogant. Purify our selves, purify our soul. Follow the the order of the God and leave His prohibitions. Let us love the God, let us love the prophet.

The good morality is the morality of the prophet. Hardworking and fast in assisting others, working hard to get knowledge. Always giving to others signifies generosity. That is the tradition of the prophet, the most appraised. Love the God, love the prophet.  

Dear little brothers little sisters, keep in your memory father's contribution to us. Respect him, it signifies love to him. His sacrifice is so big. He finds sustenance to let us grow up.

Dear little brothers little sisters, remember to love mother. She bears us with love, educate without feeling bored nor exhausted. Her face is still cheerful. Go to mother give her a hug, that signifies love. Love the God, love the prophet.

Let us love each other. Love our family, love our neighbors. Among families love neighbors. Love the teachers, love the friends. Love your country, love everyone. Love the God, love the prophet. 

Too bad I was not growing up in this kind of situation of Love. My schoolmates were hostile and cold to me too just because I didn't get along well with them due to some differences. Urmm, they didn't actually accept me. Teachers just know how to condemn and humiliate. But not trying to find approaches to help problematic kids. This is not to condemn teaching profession because it is a respected profession but as a self reflect so that teachers could also improve their methods of teaching and psychological approach. Do I care about those kids and teachers who treated me badly last time now???? No, I care nothing... hahaha. I don't even remember their names if I could only remember the tortures that they had cast over me.

Just telling people on what happened 13-15 years ago in our educational institutions. This is not including what happened in primary school. It is terrible... I can't even imagine myself returning to schooling times. It's like returning to hell even when I try to reckon what happened. I can't even find any nice memory at all while I was a primary school student or secondary school student. I'm sure same things happen everywhere in this world. Not unique here but people like us no matter whether the kids were bullied by others, receiving hatred remarks from others, being looked down upon, and others are isolated. Some might commit suicide, or end up as thugs.

However, I wish and pray to Him may future generations of brothers and sisters could receive His Love and Mercy. Just don't be like us the older generations, treat everybody and among yourselves nicely. That's just our fate and we have to bear with it :') People might think I am a retard listening to children's song, hahaha. Who cares... I'm already a retard since long. Even more bad I have to work hard to hide my retarded characters because society were judgmental, full of negative criticisms. This is the period of negativity I guess.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, love, and peace, amin!

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