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Migration: Knowledge is the Light

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Before I forget about what I had listened I better keep it a record as a witness for me before Him. We are still in the spirit of Lunar New Year and Hijrah. I had just tuned the radio at quarter part of the lecture but never mind, we still can benefit from little things that we get, His Will. I am actually afraid to directly mention Him because I feel unworthy but I am referring to Him, haha.

Says Ustad Hajji Roslan, in term of the knowledge we have al-Furqan which is the scripture, al-Furqan is another name for the Glorious Quran which means the Divider. It separates the Light from the Darkness. It shows us which is the right thing which is wrong. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was once asked, what is Islam? He mentions that Islam is the Creed and Faith, the Way, and the Morality. To lead us to these three matters, we need knowledge. The knowledge about these three matters for us to understand what is Islam. For us to migrate from chaotic situation in our life, it will never happen without the knowledge about the Creed and Faith, the Way, and the Morality. Because we have knowledge about these three matters and not all of the people acquire or searching for these knowledge, we could only see a person who wants "Islam" but other 50,000 persons reject it. The real success does not actually come from wealth but from the faith.

In Malaysia, we talked about bohjans, bohsias, minah rewangs, mat rempits and others. These terms are used to refer to teenagers who have no real goal in their life but searching for entertainment to satisfy the emptiness in their soul and they get involved into social problems. The ustad advise everyone to stop creating terms which shows the destruction of civilization of nations. Let us create again the civilization and reconstruct the society may we be safe in the future. We won't receive salvation without the knowledge about the Creed, the Way, and the Morality. We are only Muslim by our names and family. We are worried that without the migration of the knowledge, we may lose "Islam" but only having the name. Few times to come, perhaps the time will come where people would also consider Islamic names for example Muhammad, Abdullah, 'Ali, and others are outdated. This had already happened in many parts in the world. If we only have Islamic names, we would never receive Salvation. We could see how many people with Islamic names but involved in social problem and we feel sad because of this. We never follow the prophetic traditions for example about the process of expounding the knowledge to people in Meccan and Medinah period. That is the basis which determines people into the migration. We want to see these again in our society and nations where it could develop civilized nations.

The moderator then continues, it is important to take into notes that the pre-condition to be a human is with the knowledge. Without knowledge, a human-being is not yet a complete human-being. Wherever we talk about knowledge, we will also talk about the importance to migrate toward the knowledge. The knowledge is the right of the God. As long as the knowledge is bringing us closer and please Him, we will go for it. 

In the sense of migration and the challenges that nations are facing in the era of globalization, we do not want our life to be filled with the culture of hedonism and living only a luxurious life having fun without having to think and stimulating the mind with knowledge. The thing which completes our life is the Creed and the Faith. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, companions, and disciples migrated to protect the Creed and the Faith. The paternal uncle of prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Hamzah r.a had also embraced Islam when prophet Muhammad s.a.w was beaten by another uncle which is Abu Jahal. The questions that popped out from Hamzah to Abu Jahal sounds: "What is wrong with you that made you beat Muhammad? Is it wrong for him to remind people to worship the God? Is it a big sin? Once again you hit him, I will be the one who tear your head down!"

My opinion, this event also shows that Abu Jahal does not want to leave luxurious life as a noblemen because the people who listens to Muhammad s.a.w mostly are paupers, the meeks (as what Jesus had mentioned), and those who were tyrannized. People who had no worldly attachments. Muhammad s.a.w bring the knowledge about the God and the Faith to Him. He does not bring the way to make profit or getting money. The Creed and Faith mold inhuman human to be human with Mercy and Love. I am not sure if Europeans and Western World could understand this. Their way of thinking is also influencing the world through globalization and its tool which is media. What red neck Protestant Christians and other Christian organizations are teaching regarding these instead of trying to blacken others?

Ustad Hajji Zamri Hashim discussed about the challenge faced by people in term of protecting the Faith and the Creed. The Creed is important and very precious. If a person knows to correctly evaluate things, his act will also be correct. To make people understand about choosing the right values, we give everyone an example. If I am holding the RM50 banknote at my right hand and then I crumple it with my hand. Then I hold a nice and fresh RM1 banknote with my left hand. Later I call a person to choose which one for him to take. Of course he would take RM50 though it is crumpled right? Because it is more valuable than RM1 though it is crumpled. But if I show this to a kindergarten kid, perhaps he will choose RM1 at the left hand. So, every man with the mind and consideration knows how to choose and later act.

Because of choosing the right value too, Mashitah was thrown with her family into a boiling hot water. Masyitah is the title for the lady who served Pharaoh family during Egyptian civilization period. The Pharaoh had declared his Divinity where everybody must worship him as a deity. She was reported by a princess of Pharaoh because she unintentionally mentioned Him the Lord of Israel while her comb had fallen down and not the name of her father. She and her family were boiled alive to death in the hot boiling water by Pharaoh official through royal decree and she is mentioned by the God in His Revelation as to honor her Faith. Western world should also take this as a lesson, though having no faith in this because what happened in the past we can't see with our eyes. What Western world had done to the World in the past and still continues today. Fellow beloved brothers and sisters, we could also learn from this honorable lady, Mashitah. Me and my younger sister is also pressured with the needs to "find money" and even people close to us telling us to forget Him for a moment and leave His commands behind... How could we forget Him when we love Him? :')

- Second series of the lecture in Masjid al-Bukhary, Kedah Darul Aman.        

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!         

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