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Theory of Religion Evolution: Islamic View III

Prophethood Tasks

Islam was actually revealed to Adam a.s and it is the inheritance of his descendents whom are human-beings. After his descendents expanded and multiplied, there were additions and modifications to what had been revealed to him. 

The God through His Mercy had sent prophets to bring human-being to the track. Each time deviation happened, the God will send His prophets and messengers among human-being to transmit the message to other human-beings. Prophets were not teaching anything new but transmitting again the creed of human ancestors. Only the Way differs according to period of time as the Way appears to be related to the development of society, culture, and intelligence of human to accept it. It is also according to time span.

The religion of the universe is only one which is the nature, Islam. It was first being revealed to ancestors of men who is Adam a.s. Prophets and messengers of the God are all Muslims. So, non-Muslim fellows, according to our belief, Jesus Christ is a Muslim just like others who spoke revelation or Word with their tongue. It does not matter whether he is a Son of God or being a deity when performing miracles. We respect him the same as we respect noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w and Moses a.s. We worship only the God and not spirits which dwell in earthly vessels and that does not mean that we degrade a noble person. All of prophets propagating His teaching and purifying His teaching according to the necessities of their era.

Says the God in His revelation:  "Abraham is not a Jew and not a Christian but he is a straight person (in faith) who submits himself (to the God) and he is never among polytheists." (Surah Āli-'Imran verse 67)

The first messenger of the God is Adam a.s. Muhammad s.a.w is the seal of the prophethood and the final messenger as his era or time span reaches the resurrection. Glorious Quran only reveals 25 of prophets and messengers of the God. Between Adam and Muhammad, who knows how many messengers and prophets of the God. Only the God knows. The God does not tell us in detail in the revelation.

Says the God: "And for every nation there was prophet. So, when came to them, being judged amongst them with justice and they are not tyrannized." (surah Yunus verse 47)

All of 25 prophets and messengers revealed by the God with revelations mentioned in the Quran struggles in Mediterranean region and generally are Semites. Noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w is also a Semite. However, there were also non-semite prophets as there are also human who live in other parts of the world since before the birth of Muhammad s.a.w.

Says the God: "Verily We sent messengers before you in which some of them that we tell you their story and some we do not tell you. And it is not (possible) for the messengers to bring signs except with the permission of the God. Thus, when comes the order of the God, the true judgement will be delivered while those who stood by falsehood will be lost in vanity." (Surah Ghafir verse 78)

Hence, it is not something to be surprised if there are also monotheism ideology with the command to perform charity and chastity in primitive society outside of Islam, Judaism, or Christianity coverage. Usually these primitive societies are civilized and possessing manners or ethics, far from other barbaric primitive people.

As for Muslims, Muhammad s.a.w is the final messenger and prophets for the closing of eras. The Way revealed to him is appropriate according to the era from his ordination to the end of the world and the authority of the teaching demands the usage of mind and intellect power besides the faith. There is no more prophethood after him as he is the seal of eras, now is the period of the end. We are waiting for the destruction to give way for Resurrection and Judgement as what is mentioned in al-Fatihah, the mother of scripture where it mentions about the King of the Day of Religion which refers to the God. 

Muhammad s.a.w the Final Messenger

It is mentioned that the God has perfected the Law toward mankind in the Glorious Quran...  

Says the God: "Prohibited upon you carcass, blood,  the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than the God. And (those animals) strangled or by violent blow or by head-long fall or injured by the goring horns (for their flesh), and those from which a wild animal has eaten, except what is (properly) slaughtered and those which are sacrificed on stone altars and (it is prohibited) from seeking decision through arrows (fortune telling). That is indeed evil for you. This day, those ingrates who have despaired from your religion; fear them not, but fear Me! This day, I have perfected for you, your religion and completed upon you My favor and have approved for you Islam as the (Divine) Law. But whoever is forced by severe hunger with no inclination toward sin; indeed the God is All-Forgiving and Merciful." (Surah al-Maidah verse 3) 

The verse signifies that celestial revelation stopped from descending to the earth after Muhammad s.a.w passed away. This verse is the final Word divinely descended upon Muhammad s.a.w in the year of 10 H (632) while performing his last pilgrimage with his 124,000 companions in the holy city, Mecca. It signifies that prophetic task of prophet Muhammad s.a.w in receiving revelation and transmitting it toward the universe and mankind is finished. It signifies the era of revelation is sealed with Muhammad s.a.w through the Glorious Quran.  

Muslim nations reject anyone who came after Muhammad s.a.w and claim himself as the messenger of the God. There were also people who teaches religions and way of life to others before Muhammad s.a.w but their name is not mentioned in the Glorious Quran. Thus, we could not determine whether they were prophets or not, messengers of the God or else since the God never mention anything about them. We only have 'possibilities.' If we look through theology angle, those who taught the teachings never taught people to carve or making idols or icons for concentration in worship or meditation. Those practices were added by people after they passed away.

Regarding Buddha, Ustad Muhammad Fawzi Awang in his book, Religions of the World published by Pustaka Aman Press in Kota Bharu, Kelantan (1964) page 83 mentions:

Both Ustad Muhammad Farid Wagdi and Ustad Mahmud Yunus mentioned that Buddha is a weird case. He is not far from being classified as a messenger who transmits teaching and there is also no prohibition to have such an opinion except for those sub-sects showing dissents on something which possibly being innovated by religious groups. It happens everywhere in other faiths in other places as well. The verse from Quran for this is from the God saying: "...there are some messengers who we tell to you their stories while others are not being told." If Ustad Muhammad Fawzi mentions something about Buddha Gautama, perhaps the formula could also be applied to others who teaches religion such as Zoroaster, Kung Zi, and Lao Zi. This is according to Dr. H. O. K. Rahmat H. S. (1979). 

Articles are translated and adapted in certain places with simple words from the source: 

Rahmat H. S. (1979) (1399) Dari Adam Sampai Muhammad: Sebuah Kajian Agama-Agama. Nilam Puri & Pustaka Aman Press, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra. Kota Bharu 

We pray for forgiveness from errors, may He always minister us our path only to Him. Allahumma salli 'alaa Muhammad, wa 'alaa aali Muhammad. Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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