Monday, 10 October 2011

Repeat Class Assignments!!!!!!!

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Ya Allah, dear Lord I have assignments for this repeat paper, European Politics and Decision Making! Though I feel bored but I don't really like to do assignments too. I just hope that I would also pass my next year paper about EU Economy Policies. This institution is so damn boring. Only if I know that there is Asian Studies, I would just tick that for sure. At least I am an Asian and I know how Asian thinks compared to dull Europe. Further I think I am not suitable to study all of these anymore. My time for 'campus' life is already over two years ago.

Just for reminder, kalau dak dok syok berangan sahaja... Your assignment is a presentation based on the article about Conceptualizing the EU Model of Governance by Ben Rosamond. Presentation should not exceed 30 minutes. Another five minutes for discussion so, prepare anything like questions or further discussion. I must get A for this course since I have only one class. Well, it's not 'really' my goal but we just need to set up standard for ourselves or else we would keep dreaming. This one should be done by 2nd of November 2011.  

Another one assignment is quite blurry for me cause I don't really understand what should I do regarding it. The lecturer has asked us to get at least two Europeans and trying to get their perspectives regarding current issues happening in Europe for example human rights, environment, terrorism, polity, law or any other interesting topic. Get their views over the issues. 

It is a kind of interview regarding the issue and its relation to their countries. What is the root of the issue? What should be done with the issue? Why is that the issue is so contentious for them? How do they think regarding the execution of rules and regulation regarding the issue? Had it been done enough or else?

Prepare a questionnaire and doing face to face interview. Later report it to the class. Europeans interviewed are not restricted to those from the EU but also from other non-EU states in the continent. Now it is week 5th, I must prepare the background for my topic regarding this presentation. On the 6th week, present the background for about 10-15 minutes.

On the background we have to think about:

1. What questions to be asked?
2. How are we going to do about it?
3. Working in progress idea, it must be doable, basic idea should at least in our head. After that, do some interview and upload them in the learning portal before discussing it in the class.
4. Prepare final report not less than 2000 words about the findings on particular area of studies in which it means literature review.
5. To make it interesting as possible, and state why we choose the topic? Why it concerns us? 
6. Choose issue in Europe which also gives local implication to our country and do research about it.
7. Look at different perspectives in report.
8. Findings can not be generalized and ideographic.

Mid Semester Test would be at the 8th week. So, now we are in 5th week. No class for this week so try to finish the assignments as soon as possible.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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