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Religion Evolution Theory: Islamic View II

Standard Within Islamic Teaching

Masjid al-Bukhari, Alor Setar, Kedah - kingfisher78

Islam with the Way transmitted through Muhammad s.a.w sparks again at the peak where human intelligence in ratio was high. Every teachings drawn within obvious concept as it is revealed again by the God through His Mercy and without doubt. The obvious one is regarding its creed, the belief toward the God. The monotheism concept according to Islam in its Way or Divine Law is strictly monitored. There is an obvious line between ingratitude (infidelity) and faith. 

Root of teachings had been written since prophethood time by companions and disciples, recorded in the glorious Quran. Teachings based from prophet's acts, speeches, and silence of the noble prophet are memorized by hundreds of people who witnessed him. These teachings are compiled and discreetly preserved by the ninth century. Those who reports and narrating acts of the noble prophet have their background being reported by others and their background is also kept by other narrators.

Thousands of people know and mingled with Muhammad s.a.w and they witnessed him. Any hatred lies imposed to Islam or whatever under scrutiny will never bring those who knows about prophetic traditions and those who are practicing it into confusion or doubt. The matter could immediately be checked through comparison with other sources. From historical angle, Muhammad s.a.w has quite an extensive and detailed life history and there are news sources about him regarding his background and his thousand disciples and followers. 

How many people know about Ammar bin Yassir and his parents? How they were tortured as if they were animals during the beginning of da'awa to Islam as for example? Nobody magnifying their misery and torments but many other absurd stories being spread out to people around just raise misunderstanding and to serve national, racial, and self satisfaction. I guess those who do that do not have to claim that they are godly people : )    

Hatred lies are just a waste of time by those who have no life craving for attention. Only if we watch American movies about Prom Queen stuffs or pathetic girls or guys who think that they are cool or popular in American school and relate it to this. It is just the same. I remember I watched movies for example, Mean Girls, there is a scene where a popular acid-tongue girl, I guess known as Regina started a slandering rumor about her 8th grade friend, Janice telling everyone that she is a lesbo. This Regina girl reminds me to those who spread slandering lies to others, maybe because they were hurt by people who claim themselves as Muslims or perhaps they are those who can't follow their carnal desire so they accuse others as following carnal desire just like what they have in their mind. I hated Islam last time. I could even be hostile to people who talk to me about Islam without having to read those Islam under Scrutiny websites or hatred links given to me including my own family members. That was my ignorance since I could not differentiate the essence of teachings and the people who are called with the notion of religion but are not practicing, it is a simple thing : )

Islam sparks again through political strength. Muhammad s.a.w is not only a spiritual leader for nations but also leading his nations. This political strength had protected others who embrace Islam though in the beginning many were unfortunate such as Ammar bin Yasser and his parents, may Allah bless all of them. They are always my brothers and sister in soul, I pray for them everyday and many could not be enlisted had also tortured and martyred just because of their faith. They are beloved people of the God who are not fortunate in the world. Please pray for Sumaiyyah binti Khaiyyat and Yassir bin Amir souls, dear brethren :'( 

Political strength didn't stop after the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w passed away but continued by four companions whom are Abu Bakr, 'Umar, Uthman, and Ali may Allah be merciful and pleased with all of them. They lead nations from 632-661 C and later two dynasties known as Umayyah and Abbasiyyah emerged. Further, nations being divided again to few kingdoms such as the Fatimiyyah in Egypt and bani Umayyah in Andalusia in Southern of Spain. In 12th Century, another nation emerged known as the Ottoman empire in Asia Minor, it continues to be in existence until 19th C before being replaced by a republic. There are also nations in Iran, Afghanistan, and Arabian Peninsula. After the WWII, many new small countries emerged and their leaders are Muslims (if not by practice, by name) with majority of the people professing Islam as their faith. Political strength is considered by Muslims as grace from the God and it has its time where it is weak or strong according to His Will.

To preserve the purity of Islam and its creed, there are guidelines provided such as the prohibition of individual cult or worshiping Muhammad s.a.w. The only One who deserves worship is only the God. We respect the noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w just like other noble prophets and messengers of the God without exceeding the limit. During the life time of Muhammad s.a.w, there is no reference to him with saidinaa which means our lord. 

Christian fellows in the East also referring to Jesus Christ with the title marono which is Aramaic for our lord. I noticed in some prayer books that we use, there are also saidinaa reference to noble figures. I tried to avoid the usage too but that does not mean I will accuse my brothers and sisters who use the reference to respect noble figures. But for us, it is to avoid confusion. It does not mean that we do not respect noble prophet or his companions.

Muhammad s.a.w used to called as Muhammad bin Abdullah, the messenger of the God, the prophet of the God, the father of Qasim since his son name is Qasim. Muhammad s.a.w was also reminded by the God that he is just a human where through his tongue the God says in the revelation:

"Say (dear Muhammad): Indeed I am a human like you (but) revealed to me that your God is the Only God! Thus, who are hoping to meet his Lord, so do good deeds and do not associate (Him) in the worship of his Lord (He is) the One." (Surah al-Kahfi verse 110).    

This verse emphasize that Muhammad s.a.w is a human not a man-god, not an angel and not the God. He is different to other human in the sense that he received revelation from the God, while other human receive no revelation. The respect to Muhammad s.a.w is no more than a respect to a messenger of the God. There is strict guidelines regarding iconography and statues. No need for such things as to avoid from problems faced by previous nations.    

to be continued...

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