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Our Thesis Follow Up: Multiculturalism Germany Example

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

 Our pride, Europe

This is actually the topic that I had chosen for my thesis, not really specific but this is the issue. I don't know why it slipped out of my mind when we were in research methodologies class and proposing this for my thesis last semesters. They said that this topic must find any loophole in other researches if I wanted to go on with it since this topic perhaps already being discussed in other places. Isn't mini-thesis means that we also try to understand certain things and not only finding loopholes of other researches? I do not know what to study for the EU as they said that the EU is actually the most 'magnificent' invention of human in Europe over the century. Dok perasan tang tu jah la hangpa, noh...When we talk about multiculturalism, it must be related to Muslim communities within Europe and most of them are Third National Country nationals or migrants. Either they worked in labor sectors or running their own business. And some of them were nationals of European Union member states' colonies such as from Algeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco and others.

In the case of Britain, I just don't understand because they were our colonizer in certain states and protector empire for few states during their glorious of the so-called the "Great Britain" period. And the fact that they ran away like chickens after being attacked by the Japanese around 1941 make me feel not attracted to Britain or European at all. They had bombed several places in 'scorched earth operation' and killed Indian migrant workers in the estates before they left and make people lived in misery with their selfishness as when Imperial Japanese Army came, those sources of industries were already bombed. People who conquer and plunder others are just the same terrorists and now they are finding many ways to put the insult to Allah (the God) Who is the Merciful Lord of the universe who never have to conquer the universe because the Dominion is with Him. Just because last time media did not published widely that they were terrorists and thieves, does not mean that people are stupid. And the notions like natives were lazy ass, uncivilized, and others should never being the reason for people to plunder others and being thieves. Beware of language of diplomacy, rules, regulation, and legislation brethren. Those 'snakes' in the West are good at it and look at how they did to Pulau Pinang. This is not to teach enmity but we have to be careful with 'snakes' who thinks that they are so 'civilized' from the first world. To be recognized by the first world standard, we have to be thieves, terrorists, and colonizers... rupanya : )

Now back to the topic, when talking about multiculturalism, Britain was the one who proposed us to be a multicultural 'new' nation after they were 'forced' to release their colonies abroad. Our Sultanate of Kedah (1136-now) was also "forced" to be apart of "Malayan Union" (1946-1948) while we should have our own sovereignty over our own territory, and our people had fought two great Empires of the Northern mainland who were the Siam and the Burma to maintain our sovereignty and freedom whether in term of diplomacy or in term of warfare. That is why we are so proud of our state and sultanate no matter if we are Kedahan Malay, Kedahan Hybrid Arabs, Kedahan Arabs, Kedahan Chinese, Kedahan Siamese, Kedahan Indians, Muslims or Buddhists. For me, I don't care about Europe nor Caucasoid faces their poops are just as stinky as others. Our modest state is enough and more beautiful than Europe. We don't have to be the same like others to be accepted nor being economically advanced like those European countries terhegeh-hegeh to be accepted within the European Union. We have the God to help us with our standard and in exam I can't write like this. Takut some lecturers sentap because in 'academic' the God must be left out and forgotten... hahaha. I can't forget Allah (the God). He is my Protector and the One who Shield me from ignorance. 

Later the "Malayan Union" was changed to the Federation of Malayan Peninsula (1948-1963) under Centralized-Federalism system where we have to nod our head to the Federated States and Federal Constitution who were earlier apart of British Malaya and with the inclusion of Northern Borneo States, we are now known as Malaysia since 1963. Now comes to question whether Malaysia was colonized or not by Prof. Zainal Kling? Where is 1957, the 31st of August where Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Sambanthan the Ceylonese, and Tun Tan Cheng Lock the Baba Malacca together harmoniously kissing Her Highness Queen's knees for independence as it could not be 'postponed' anymore??? I had watched the video tape from our video archives during our transcription class session while I was a first degree student. Basically I know what Tunku Abdul Rahman talked about. 

You, politicians may deceive my mum or dad or my grandparents. Maybe they had forgotten or perhaps being manipulated but I am not an easy target for mind manipulation. I don't just follow people but I made researches and questions. That's why in certain part of my life, I was a Buddhist and I don't simply becoming a Muslim now because I follow my ancestral religion or customs, popularity or simply because I wanted to be recognized by my religion status. I made up my mind to choose Islam before formally saying the faith proclamation again asking the God and angels to be my witness and performing penance during circumambulation of Ka'abah during Hajj. It is not easy since I actually had previously having this thought to run away from my house and being a monk, joining Sangha society in monastery. When I failed exams and can't befit in society, I tried to take my own life. What for if we just being known to certain religion status and then we do not practice the religion nor fear the God. We must do everything only for the God not for ourselves nor for other things : ) I don't feel any hatred to Christians nor Jews at all. If they sincerely love Jesus Christ, go on... If they sincerely love Ha-Shem (the Name), go on... They have my support. If they just using religion for the sake of this hideous world and enmity, I pray for anathematization of the God on everyone. Our Lord is the same God, just the matter of concept if it becomes different : )    

From videos posted by Europeans or perhaps European wannabes who knows, it says that Multiculturalism is totally failed and not partly failed. There are some excerpts of speeches by Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Sarkozy. In her speech regarding multikulti concept where people could live side-by-side did not work. She said that immigrants need to integrate more and learn German. Does it mean that they have to leave their religion, their faith, values within their ancestral lineage other than languages and culture to comply within racist Germans? When the French came by to Asia, they said that people in Asia must follow their culture. When British officials entered Burmese palace, they had refused to take off their shoes and bowing to the king respecting local customs and tradition. Everybody must follow their values, but they refused to follow others' values even when they are in others' territory. What kind of human are they? This earth is the belonging of the God, not of anyone's dad and the God is not like European human dad. 

There are also comments that I read regarding Islam is not a race, so it is not wrong to hate Islam by irresponsible racists and I guess they must have failed their school that make them working in low-class stores and lamenting their life for their intelligence. Islam is not a race is true. But those who profess Islam as their Path are nations. We are of different nations. Muslim nations are those who profess Islam no matter they are black, white, yellow, caucasoid, or mongoloid. In Britain, those Muslims in majority there are Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians of South Asia continent. In France, those Muslims are from North Africa and perhaps some are Arabic speaking Muslims from Middle East. In Germany, those Muslims are in majority Turkish speaking people. In Caucasus, they are White and Mongol Muslims. In Africa, they are African Muslims. Beside being Muslims, they have their own values, customs which predates their reversion to the Path and thoughts too as Islam is not a rigid religion. Even in Malaysia, we have Muslims by ancestral lineage since few centuries ago. They are our  Malay compatriots and they think of Islam like Europeans think of Christianity, as customs and not about spirituality and sincere devotion to the God anymore. It is for political survival and bringing people into disunity for the sake of politicians or party interests.  

Merkel further said in a gathering of younger members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party that at "the beginning of the 60s, Germany called the foreign workers to come into Germany and now those migrant workers live in the country. Germans had ridiculed ourselves for a while and think that they won't stay but will be gone after the development is done but it is not reality. Multicultural society and to live side by side and to enjoy each other... has failed, utterly failed." 

Now my comment, why do you people called these foreign workers to work in your magnificent countries and territories? Why don't you just build up your own country with European and German low-class workers? This is also a lesson to our country and people in our country could also see this and don't just blame foreign workers. Look at how politicians did to the country and later we scratched each other faces and treating others like sub-humans.

However, in her speech in Potsdam, the chancellor made clear that immigrants were welcomed in Germany. She specifically referred to recent comments by German President, Christian Wulff. Christian Wulff said that "Islam was part of Germany," like Christianity and Judaism. In her response to this speech, Merkel said: "We should not be a country either which gives the impression to the outside world that those who don't speak German immediately or who were not raised speaking German are not welcomed here."

According to Stephen Evans analysis for BBC News in Berlin, he said that Angela Merkel took pains to say immigrants are welcomed. The words "utterly failed" are very strong, but there lies some nuanced messages about the need for immigrants in a country who needs skilled labor. She's pitching it very carefully with important elections coming up in the spring according to BBC News report on 17 October 2010. According to this analysis, it is important to check the tone of the speech and from this analysis it says that the chancellor basically saying that Germany needs immigrants but immigrants need to do something to get into the society. 

I had also read news about the late Marwa el-Sherbini being stabbed to death by a racist German settler who came from Russia. May Allah bless her soul and protect her son. Is el-Sherbini a low class labor? I thought that her level of education is higher than of the psycho-stabber murderer. I am sorry, Europeans. I don't mean to look down on you people in general but some of you people have arrogant attitude which made me feel nauseated because those level of higher civilization is not according to your standard for me. The level of civilization lies at the God and morality teachings. Europe is no different to Nigeria or Afghanistan who bombs Bamiyan sandstone statue of Dipangkara Buddha. I mean it is in term of mentality when I look at those politician supporters. I was so outraged too last time because of Taleban had bombed the statue of one of my teacher and each time some Muslims compatriot talked about this issue I felt like I wanted to kick their ass and I was so pissed off. This is before my repentance to the Path of Abraham a.s. Dipangkara Buddha was the previous Buddha before Buddha Gautama and before Dipangkara, there was Saranangkara Buddha.   

Lets look at Gert Wildeers (his hairstyle and hair color is so ugly) response over Merkel speech regarding Multiculturalism issue... He mentioned that: "Mrs Merkel said that the Multiculturalism societies has completely failed. Not 'partly failed' but 'completely failed' and it sure means something when she says that! The most important politician, a Christian Democrat in Europe's most important country. Germany breaks the taboo and tells it as it is. She states what millions of people think. Statements for which you would stand trial in the Netherlands are uttered freely by the leading Christian Democrats in Germany. Where they are now taking the lead when it comes to criticism of Islam! I would like to take the time to address Mrs Merkel by saying, Mrs Merkel, you are right when it comes to multicultural society! Mr. Chairman, there is a hope. The political landscape is changing everywhere in Europe. Nothing can stop it!"  

While for Britain, we have David Cameron speech: "We adopted state-multiculturalism, we encouraged different cultures to live separate life apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We failed to provide the vision of society to which they wanted to belong. We have even tolerated this segregated communities behaving in ways which runs completely counter to our value." 

Now my questions, what is British value? How does value being defined in Britain and in Europe? Should practical Muslims in Europe be like Christians who ridicule Jesus Christ and his noble mother, Maryam al-'Adzraa (Mary the Virgin)? Separating Divine way from their life in term of secularism or joining night bars and being drunk idiots who crashed cars during Sunday nights? Or is it the fear that they are not patriotic to their country such as Britain?  Fear of bombings? How should Britain do in order to curb this? Is it by being cowards or by patronizing Islamic teachings and providing trainings for Islamic religious teachers who came from abroad within local British framework?

In Asia, we are different from you people in Europe. Our sultanate was previously a Hindu kingdom with Hindu-Buddhism values. Even I am a descendent of migrant people who came by 300 years ago still could receive the impact of older values of the land and neighboring lands. The sultanate had accepted the teaching of Islam around 10th century and the king himself together with royal family had patronized the propagation of His Words and Divine Way of life across his country. We descendents of migrant people are the most loyal people toward our sultanate and we love our native brothers and sisters. We love our language which is Kedah Malay and we worked hard to preserve Kedah Malay within Islamic values. I am also encouraging other Muslim nations to preserve their culture and customs through Divine Islamic framework. We do not need secularism here to be united but we have the God as the One who unite us. Many of hybrid Arabs whom fathers were Arabs and mothers were local women or of other ethnicity had fought the Siam empire in order to protect the kingdom from being absorbed into the empire. The villages opened around Alor Setar capital of our sultanate and state some of them were villages of Arabs under royal decree and I had made few checks with museums, elders and the people around. Nevertheless we could still survive in form of a state in a new country though we are controlled by centralized-federalism. Even in term of special privileges of natives, we do not really take it though we are eligible according to our state law. We passed it to beloved native brothers and sisters and even non-peninsular people from other neighboring country like Indonesia are treated even better than us in our own country. Why should we be envious to people when we are lazy like spoiled European youths who only thinks of fun in this short life?

There are some debates about immigration regarding this issue of Multiculturalism. Correspondents said that Merkel faces pressure from within Christian Democrat and its allies to take a tougher stance and require immigrants to do more to adapt to German society. How could I apply this to my thesis regarding Britain? Maybe I should also see how the debate goes on with David Cameron and other anti-immigration groups in Britain. 

Horst Seehofer, the leader of the CDU Bavarian sister party, the CSU said that: "It was obvious that immigrants from different cultures like Turkey and Arab countries, all in all, find it harder to integrate. Multikulti is dead." 

The chancellor held talks with Turkish Prime Minister around October 2010, Mr. Erdogan in which these leaders pledged to do more to improve the often poor integration record of Germany's estimated 2.5 million strong Turkish community. The debate first was heated up in August of 2010 when Thilo Sarrazin, a senior official at Germany's Central Bank said that: "No immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime." Sarrazin has since resigned. His name is also Sarrazin (Saracen)... Such recent strong anti-immigration feelings from mainstream politicians came amid an anger in Germany about high unemployment, even if the economy is growing faster than those of its rivals. This is what correspondent said in their opinion. There is also seems to be a new strident tone in the country, perhaps leading to less reticence about no-go-areas of the past.   

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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