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Cure for Heart: Introduction

In the Name of the God the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate
Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Ali bin Abi Talib k.w had also displayed almost the same state like this character when a Jew spit at his face during a battle in Khaibar. Please avoid cursing the Jew, we do not know what happened to him after he spit at Ali k.w face.
I present brethren this introduction chapter and the book which I had read during my heart is filled with sorrow and misery with the Divine Mercy of the Lord through the Light of Revelation and Prophetic Traditions may He Guides everyone into His pleasure. I am actually sickened when I checked political video posts and comments but we need to maintain patience. I have no choice but to be in this torture seeing them while doing my assignments and thesis. There are many slanders in the net and we need to also be very careful with our words not to affect our thinking and mental state with those sick people thoughts. 

This book entitled the "Cure for the Heart." It was edited by Sheikh 'Abdul Qadir bin 'Abdul Mutallib of Indonesia in the holy city, Mecca in Rajab of 1378 H. The copy that I have with me is in Classical Malay written in Arabic script, published by Sahabat Press of Phang-Nga Street, Yala Province, Southern Thailand region. I bought it in Baling district during a visit to pay respect for my respective brothers and sisters in faith and paying respect to the God at the district mosque. 

I do not know whether there are already translations for this part in English, Arabic, Persian, Japanese or Chinese and this book was collected on its lessons by a South East Asian Muslim. Since I was a translation student majoring in both Malay and English and I feel bored looking at the monitor for this boring thesis. I am doing a service for the pleasure of the Lord, the God the Most Merciful the Most Greatest, my King and my Savior. 

I have to translate this into English first before doing it again in Chinese and Japanese for my part of penance and asking forgiveness on my sins. Mum had also asked me to help her with kitabs translation into Japanese and I need to find good dictionaries too beside analyzing appropriate Chinese characters... The biggest problem is grammar which seems like taking me forever to translate kitabs. I don't want any credit nor profit for this. This is solely dedicated for my beloved One, the God for the benefit of my brethren whom I love with all of my heart. Brothers and sisters may use this for educational purpose with the light of Quran and Sunnah and help to circulate them if possible. I beg brothers and sisters to also translate this into your mother tongue and teach your family and friends. I can't do this alone because there are extensive things that need to be clarified regarding Shari'ah not only to non-Muslims but also to people who call themselves "Muslims."

Beginning of the Treatise

Be known to you o people, indeed the Science of Tasawwuf is the knowledge to analyze our heart and its characters. Either the characters of the heart is the praised one such as humility and patience or the disgusting characters of heart such as jealousy, envious, and arrogant.

The benefit of these lessons is to empty human heart from other matters except leading it only to the God. It is a science which teaches human to decorate hearts through opening the heart toward the Lord of the universe. In order to achieve this, human must try to eliminate ugly behaviors through the purification of heart. The legal notion for nations to know about this is obligatory and it is a responsibility. It is obligatory on everyone who reaches their maturity of age, and for those who are sane. The source for these lessons is the glorious Quran and the Sunnah which is the prophetic traditions. The name for these lessons to cure the diseases of heart through spiritual view is the Science of Tasawwuf. 

Be known to you, the meaning of the Science of Tasawwuf is to purify every physical parts of human-being from despicable acts and teaches human to analyze heart in order to clean it from elements of polytheism. What is asked for human to guard from sins for their physical body parts are seven altogether.

Those body parts are:       

1 - Eyes on what we see
2 - Ears on what we listens
3 - Tongue as a medium of articulation to make speeches
4 - Stomach 
5 - Genitals 
6 - Hands
7 - Legs

We must remember that these physical parts are the grace of the God on everyone of us. It is a responsibility for us to guard and protect them from sins and despicable acts. It is a responsibility of human-being to be grateful to the God. These physical parts will be witnesses in the hereafter after the Resurrection on what acts had been committed. 

Says the God: "The Day where We seal their mouths and their hands will be talking and witnessing their feet on what they had done." (Surah Yaasin verse 65) 

It means that the God will stop the voice from coming out from ones mouth but those physical parts of body will talk and telling the truth on what had been done with them by a certain individual during the Judgement. The feet will witness where had they bring the owner while he or she is in the world. Whether to prostitution house, to places to conspire against charity and penance, to places of vices, and etc. The hands will talk on what we typed now, and what we write now during the Judgement. Physical parts will tell everyone during the Judgement what we had done during our lifetime. This prophecy about the Judgement is also foretold in other scriptures as well and it is apart of the Pillar of Faith in Islam, we believe in the Resurrection where everyone will be resurrected for the Judgement on what they had done during their lifetime. Every consequence of deeds done during lifetime will be carried by every creature.

Says the God: "And you cannot hide from the testimony of your hearing and not from your vision and not from your skin but you think that the God does not know many things of what you had done." (surah Fussilat verse 22)

According to the al-Hidayah House of Quranic commentaries, those who obviously performing vice and sins thinks that the God is stupid like them and does not know what they are doing while they are in this life. Their hearings, their vision, their skin and others will be witness during the Judgement and the God Himself is the Witness over all. 

According to the book, nobody could hide their evil actions while he or she is in the world. The hearings and vision and skin will be the witness for those acts committed as these seven physical parts never are separated from human-being and it is always at its place when a person committing evil acts or other things.

This book is about ihsan which is mentioned in sunnah nabawiyyah about what is iman, what is the religion and what is ihsan... So, those who think themselves as the followers of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab don't quickly judge people just because people use the term tasawwuf to identify a branch of science to know what Allah expects from His servants. We follow and worship only Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. We do not worship teachers and other human-being no matter if they performed miracles or not!

Allahumma salli 'alaa Muhammad wa 'alaa aali Muhammad... Sealed with mercy, peace, and love, amin!   

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